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Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. Ryan Weaver

    Removing extra text

    weaverryan authored
  2. Jan Pieper Ryan Weaver

    Fixed typo (Subsriber vs. Subscriber)

    janpieper authored weaverryan committed
  3. Ryan Weaver
  4. Jarvis Stubblefield Ryan Weaver

    Fixed a typo on the bundle name structure of the path. Made the path …

    BallisticPain authored weaverryan committed
    …relative on a recommendation by Stof.
  5. Jarvis Stubblefield Ryan Weaver

    Added information about including assets from bundles. Simplified the…

    BallisticPain authored weaverryan committed
    … document change for what I hope to be a more concise text/example.
  6. Ryan Weaver
  7. Tarjei Huse Ryan Weaver

    Cleanup as per Stofs comments

    tarjei authored weaverryan committed
  8. Tarjei Huse Ryan Weaver

    Create a description of how to define global variables

    tarjei authored weaverryan committed
Commits on Oct 30, 2011
  1. Ryan Weaver
  2. Ryan Weaver
  3. Ryan Weaver
  4. Ryan Weaver
  5. Ryan Weaver

    Fixing formatting

    weaverryan authored
  6. Ryan Weaver
  7. Ryan Weaver
  8. Ryan Weaver
  9. Ryan Weaver
  10. Michael Rodríguez Torrent / Miquel Rodríguez Telep Ryan Weaver

    Fix name of vendors.php script in examples

    mrtorrent authored weaverryan committed
  11. Ryan Weaver
  12. Richard Miller Ryan Weaver

    Changed example to link to controller article

    richardmiller authored weaverryan committed
  13. Richard Miller Ryan Weaver
  14. Ryan Weaver

    Merge pull request #809 from weaverryan/testing

    weaverryan authored
    [Test] Updating the test chapter for language, example accuracy, completeness, etc
  15. Ryan Weaver
  16. Ryan Weaver
  17. Ryan Weaver

    Merge pull request #804 from dbu/functional_testing_kerneldir

    weaverryan authored
    Tip on how to set the KERNEL_DIR in functional testing
Commits on Oct 28, 2011
  1. Fabien Potencier

    fixed typo

    fabpot authored
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
  1. Massimiliano Arione Ryan Weaver

    radio is rendered like a radio, not text

    garak authored weaverryan committed
  2. Colin Frei Ryan Weaver

    Missing semicolons and one space

    colinfrei authored weaverryan committed
  3. Ryan Weaver

    Merge pull request #800 from mdpatrick/form_request_obj_tip

    weaverryan authored
    Forms code block display error
  4. Benjamin Grandfond Ryan Weaver

    Remove '.php' in namespace use.

    benja-M-1 authored weaverryan committed
  5. Tobias Sjösten Ryan Weaver

    Made Drupal settings.php path more kosher.

    tobiassjosten authored weaverryan committed
  6. Shin Ohno Ryan Weaver

    oops, add another typo fix

    ganchiku authored weaverryan committed
  7. Shin Ohno Ryan Weaver

    fixed typo for bundle name and template name

    ganchiku authored weaverryan committed
  8. Ryan Weaver

    Merge pull request #789 from jaikdean/2.0

    weaverryan authored
    Fixed typo in bundle inheritance PHP example
  9. Luis Cordova Ryan Weaver


    cordoval authored weaverryan committed
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