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stof commented Jul 6, 2011

The way to add a new templating engine is outdated (it is not managed by a tag anymore) and the list of tags is incomplete


jalliot commented Aug 26, 2011

Missing tags from docs at time of writing:

  • assetic.filter from AsseticBundle
  • assetic.asset from AsseticBundle
  • assetic.formula_loader from AsseticBundle
  • assetic.formula_resource from AsseticBundle
  • assetic.factory_worker from AsseticBundle
  • assetic.templating.twig from AsseticBundle
  • assetic.templating.php from AsseticBundle
  • request.param_converter from SensioFrameworkExtraBundle
  • security.after_invocation.provider from JMSSecurityExtraBundle
  • security.secure_service from JMSSecurityExtraBundle
  • doctrine.event_subscriber from DoctrineBundle
  • doctrine.event_listener from DoctrineBundle
  • security.voter from SecurityBundle
  • swiftmailer.plugin from SwiftmailerBundle
  • validator.constraint_validator from FrameworkBundle (next ones also from this bundle)
  • validator.initializer (only listed, no example)
  • kernel.cache_warmer (only listed, no example)
  • form.type (only listed, no example)
  • form.type_extension (only listed, no example)
  • form.type_guesser (only listed, no example)
  • data_collector (only listed, no example), BTW, note this is the only tag without a "namespace"
  • translation.loader (only listed, no example)

Note that some are maybe internal tags and therefore don't need real documentation but others definitely need doc.

The order of examples should also reflect the list of tags at the beginning of the page.


stof commented Aug 28, 2011

Only tags from the core should be described here, not from third-party bundles (these one should be documented in the bundle itself)


weaverryan commented Apr 28, 2012

I've just refactored the dic_tags reference document, where I believe we're including all of these, except for the following:

  • assetic.*
  • request.param_converter
  • security.after_invocation.provider
  • security.secure_service
  • doctrine.* (though we cover these in our documentation elsewhere)

I agree with @stof that everything above should be done in the documentation of the individual bundles, so we should create some issues on each of those bundles for each of these. The exceptions to that rule are assetic.* and doctrine.*, which I think probably shouldn't be in the main dic_tags reference document, but should be documented inside this repo until they are moved out (if ever).

So, I'll leave this open, the deliverables are:

  • open issues on the other bundles for the missing tag references
  • document the assetic.* tags in our docs, but not in the dic_tags file.



weaverryan commented Mar 23, 2013

I've summarized all of this in #2347, so closing this one in favor of it!

weaverryan closed this Mar 23, 2013

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