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The Symfony Website Content

This repository stores the information about the Symfony Components and the Symfony Projects displayed on symfony.com.

The contents of this repository and all the contributed contents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

How to Add a Project to the List of Projects Made with Symfony

Follow these instructions to show your Symfony-based project on symfony.com/projects:

  1. Add a YAML file with the basic project information in projects/xxx.yml where xxx is the slug of your project (e.g. projects/acme.yml). Use any of the existing YAML files as the reference of your own file and take into account that:
    • If your project depends on Symfony components, list them under the components option.
    • If your project depends on the entire Symfony full-stack framework, leave the components option empty and add symfonyfs in the dependencies option.
  2. Add a square PNG image with the logo of your project in projects/xxx.png where xxx is the slug of your project (e.g. projects/acme.png). It's recommended to create a 256px x 256px image.
  3. Add your project to the projects.yml file at the root of this repository. Append your project at the end of the list and we'll change its position if needed.