Missing _proxy route when embedding controller in SF2.2-beta1 #475

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sudent commented Jan 16, 2013

Unless I'm doing something wrong with my code, the following must be added in routing.yml to get the new {{ render(controller()) }} method working.

# app/config/routing.yml
    resource: "@FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/routing/proxy.xml"
    prefix:   /proxy

I think it's a matter of documentation since I found it under 'HTTP Cache' section of book, and not in the same section as 'Creating and using Templates'.


lyrixx commented Jan 20, 2013

Indeed, this block is missing.

    resource: "@FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/routing/proxy.xml"

Should be enough

@fabpot fabpot referenced this issue in symfony/symfony-docs Jan 20, 2013


added a missing reference to the proxy route #2159

@fabpot fabpot closed this in 201ddd6 Jan 20, 2013


fabpot commented Jan 20, 2013

I've added the missing configuration and sent a PR for the documentation update.

lsmith77 added a commit to liip-forks/symfony-standard that referenced this issue Feb 21, 2013

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into techtalk
# By Fabien Potencier (16) and others
# Via Fabien Potencier
* upstream/master: (26 commits)
  updated branch-alias version
  updated branch-alias version
  added missing branch-alias in composer file
  enable chromephp logging
  fixed .gitignore to be more specific about exclusions
  Narrow paths being ignored by git
  implement feedback
  Update UPGRADE-2.2.md
  Update the security config with the latest Sf2.2 changes
  updated VENDORS for 2.2.0-BETA2
  updated deps
  added missing routing configuration for the proxy route (closes #475)
  updated VENDORS for 2.1.7
  updated VENDORS for 2.1.7
  Updated the DoctrineBundle version
  Updated DoctrineBundle to 1.1.*
  fixed security example configuration for the /_internal prefix
  Update monolog-bundle dependency to 2.2.*
  updated VENDORS for 2.2.0-BETA1
  update Swiftmailer dep

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