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mcg-web commented Mar 25, 2013

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is there a particular deficiency in the current workflow that justifies this change? I wonder what others think.

NOTE: i'm not personally against it, just wondering.


mcg-web commented Apr 10, 2013

The issue is when we use composer to install the symfony-standard, my git repository ignore the app/cache and app/logs when commiting. This make that at every git clone we most recreate dir. Adding exception to ignore gitkeep of these two dir in gitignore fix the issue easily.

rybakit commented Apr 10, 2013

It's better to just remove /app/cache/*, /app/logs/* rules from /.gitignore and replace /(cache|logs)/.gitkeep files with following /(cache|logs)/.gitignore:


mcg-web commented Apr 10, 2013

This could be the solution , but i think it's more explicit to have .gitkeep files to keep file than .gitignore file to keep files. But that's true, both solutions work's.


cordoval commented Apr 13, 2013

I am not able to reproduce. I also think you are free to do more customizations onwards, SE is just the start repo.


mcg-web commented Apr 14, 2013

@cordoval yes SE is just the start repo but if adding two lines in .gitignore could help win's some time on the workflow why not? If their is an easy way of doing so with DRY, help me please? thanks

gnugat commented May 30, 2013

@rchavik Global gitignore is usefull to ignore files that your system might add in your project (for example when editing with emacs, it will add a file).
keeping the app/cache and app/log directory is specific to symfony projects, so ignore rules should be defined locally to the project.

@cordoval to reproduce, follow these steps:

composer create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition test
cd test
git init
git add .
git status | grep cache # prints nothing

@fabpot fabpot added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 22, 2013

@fabpot fabpot merged branch mcg-web/patch-1 (PR #513)
This PR was submitted for the master branch but it was merged into the 2.3 branch instead (closes #513).


remove app cache, logs .gitkeep to ignore file


0523a9e remove app cache, logs .gitkeep to ignore file

fabpot closed this Jul 22, 2013

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