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0805c9c @fabpot added the 2.0.x CHANGELOG file
fabpot authored
1 CHANGELOG for 2.0.x
2 ===================
4 This changelog references the relevant changes (bug and security fixes) done
5 in 2.0 minor versions.
7 To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the change hash
8 To get the diff between two versions, go to
aaa155e @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.14
fabpot authored
10 * 2.0.14 (2012-05-17)
12 * d1c831d: Change must-proxy-revalidate by proxy-revalidate
13 * 445fd2f: In console terms columns are width and rows are height
14 * 926ac98: [Finder] replaced static by self on a private variable
15 * 47605f6: [Form][DataMapper] Do not update form to data when form is read only
16 * c642a5e: [CssSelector] ignored an optional whitespace after a combinator
17 * cbc3ed3: [HttpKernel] added some constant for better forward compatibility
18 * 906f6f6: [DependencyInjection] fixed private services removal when used as configurators (closes #3758)
19 * 970d0b4: [BrowserKit] Check class existence only when required.
20 * 1ed8b72: Autoloader should not throw exception because PHP will continue to call other registered autoloaders.
21 * 7fe236a: [Security] Configure ports in RetryAuthenticationEntryPoint according to router settings
a7868a7 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.13
fabpot authored
23 * 2.0.13 (2012-04-30)
25 * 5b92b9e: [Console] Selectively output to STDOUT or OUTPUT stream
26 * c89f3d3: [HttpKernel] Added DEPRECATED errors
27 * 689a40d: [MonologBridge] Fixed the WebProcessor
28 * 2e7d3b1: http_build_query fix
29 * de73de0: http_build_query fix
30 * 3b7ee9a: http_build_query fix
31 * 14b3b05: [TwigBundle] added missing entry in the XSD schema
32 * 7ddc8cb: [FrameworkBundle] Monitor added/removed translations files in dev (fix #3653)
33 * 686653a: [HttpKernel] Fixed wache vary write (fixes #3896).
34 * 45ada32: Add Support for boolean as to string into yaml extension
35 * cd783fb: [HttpKernel] Fixed cache vary lookup (fixes #3896).
36 * 3939c90: [FrameworkBundle] Fix TraceableEventDispatcher unable to trace static class callables
37 * e4cbbf3: [Locale] fixed StubNumberFormatter::format() to behave like the NumberFormatter::parse() regarding to error flagging
38 * f16ff89: [Locale] fixed StubNumberFormatter::parse() to behave like the NumberFormatter::parse() regarding to error flagging
39 * 0a60664: [Locale] updated StubIntlDateFormatter::format() exception message when timestamp argument is an array for PHP >= 5.3.4
40 * 6f9c05d: [Locale] Complete Stub with intl_error_name
41 * 312a5a4: [Locale] fixed StubIntlDateFormatter::format() to set the right error for PHP >= 5.3.4 and to behave like the intl when formatting successfully
42 * bb61e09: [Locale] use the correct way for Intl error
43 * 01fcb08: [HttpKernel] Fix the ProfilerListener (fix #3620)
44 * 3ae826a: Fix issue #3251: Check attribute type of service tags
45 * 57dd914: [EventDispatcher] Fixed E_NOTICES with multiple eventnames per subscriber with mixed priorities
46 * 77185e0: [Routing] Allow spaces in the script name for the apache dumper
47 * 6465a69: [Routing] Fixes to handle spaces in route pattern
48 * 31dde14: [Locale] updated StubIntlDateFormatter::format() behavior for PHP >= 5.3.4
49 * 8a2b115: [Console] Mock terminal size to prevent formatting errors on small terminals
50 * 595cc11: [Console] Wrap exception messages to the terminal width to avoid ugly output
51 * 97f7b29: [Console] Avoid outputing \r's in exception messages
52 * 04ae7cc: [Routing] fixed exception message.
53 * f7647f9: [Routing] improved exception message when giving an invalid route name.
54 * 0024ddc: Fix for using route name as check_path.
55 * fc41d4f: [Security] [HttpDigest] Fixes a configuration error caused by an invalid 'key' child node configuration
56 * 24a0d0a: [DependencyInjection] Support Yaml calls without arguments
57 * 15dd17e: Simplified CONTENT_ headers retrieval
58 * 86a3512: [FrameworkBundle] Add support for full URLs to redirect controller
59 * 068e859: [TwigBundle] Changed getAndCleanOutputBuffering() handling of systems where ob_get_level() never returns 0
60 * efa807a: [HttpKernel] fixed sub-request which should be always a GET (refs #3657)
61 * c1206c3: [FrameworkBundle] Subrequests should always use GET method
62 * 0c9b2d4: use SecurityContextInterface instead of SecurityContext
a3d9ed1 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.12
fabpot authored
64 * 2.0.12 (2012-03-19)
66 * 54b2413: Webprofiler ipv6 search fix
67 * 8642473: Changed instances of \DateTimeZone::UTC to 'UTC' as the constant is not valid a produces this error when DateTimeZone is instantiated: DateTimeZone::__construct() [<a href='datetimezone.--construct'>datetimezone.--construct</a>]: Unknown or bad timezone (1024)
68 * fbed9ff: Update src/Symfony/Component/HttpKernel/HttpCache/HttpCache.php
69 * 1b395f5: Revert "Throw exception when "date_widget" option is not equal to "time_widget""
70 * ed218bb: Fixed an "Array to string conversion" warning when using PHP 5.4. Also affects Symfony2 master.
71 * 50cb486: Fixed proxy generation in the DoctrineBundle when using Doctrine >= 2.2.0
72 * 93cc9ef: [Validator] Remove a race condition in the ClassMetaDataFactory (fix #3217)
73 * 878c239: Fixed autoloader leakage in tests
74 * 17c3482: fixed timezone bug in DateTimeToTimestampTransformer
75 * 705e460: provided unmerged definition for correct help generation
76 * 45bbb5b: added getNativeDefinition() to allow specifying an alternate InputDefinition for help generation
77 * aa53b88: Sets _format attribute only if it wasn't set previously by the user
78 * a827375: [CssSelector] fixed CssSelector::toXPath() when the CSS selector is an empty string
79 * ad07a95: [BrowserKit] Fixed Client->back/forward/reload() not keeping all request attributes
80 * eee5065: [TwigBundle] Workaround a flaw in the design of the configuration (normalization)
81 * 7aad478: [Locale] Prevent empty bundle
82 * a894431: [DependencyInjection] Allow parsing of parameters near escaped percent signs
83 * f758884: [FrameworkBundle] ContainerAwareEventDispatcher::removeListener() (closes #3115)
84 * 8fe6ee3: [Console] fixed help command when used from the shell (closes #3480)
85 * caa44ae: Only work with the cli sapi
86 * e2fc3cd: [Process] PHP_BINARY return the current process
87 * dc2d5a0: [HttpFoundation][Session] Fix bug in PDO Session Storage with SQLSRV making assumptions about parameters with length being OUTPUT not INPUT parameters.
88 * e8281cf: SqliteProfilerStorage fix
51ba6ff @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.11
fabpot authored
90 * 2.0.11 (2012-02-24)
92 * 3e64d36: [Serializer] Fix XML decoding attack vector through external entities
93 * 66d0d3d: [FrameworkBundle] Fix a bug in the RedirectableUrlMatcher
94 * 24a3cd3: Finder - allow sorting when searching in multiple directories
95 * 6e75fd1: Resolves issue with spl_autoload_register creating new copies of the container and passing that into the closure.
96 * d02ca25: [MonologBundle] Fixed a bug when adding a processor on a service handler
97 * 2434552: [Translation] Fixed fallback location if location is longer than three characters (possibly by mistake).
98 * ec7fb0b: [Routing] added a proper exception when a route pattern references the same variable more than once (closes #3344)
99 * beb4fc0: [WIP][Locale] StubIntlDateFormatter::parse was throwing exception instead of returning Boolean false like intl implementation
af46ea5 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.10
fabpot authored
101 * 2.0.10 (2012-02-06)
103 * 8e13095: Fixed the unescaping of parameters to handle arrays
104 * c3f0ec7: Make DoctrineBundle fowards compatible with Doctrine 2.2
105 * e814d27: [FormType] Fixed broken MoneyType regexp for JPY
106 * 7f96c8a: [HttpKernel] Prevent php script execution in cached ESI pages using HttpCache
107 * 959614b: Use reflection to determaine the correct path for component validation.xml file
108 * cacc880: [Bugfix][Locale] Fixed incomplete Locale data loading
109 * d67d419: [HttpFoundation] added missing trustProxy condition
110 * efce640: [Yaml][Parser] throw an exception if not readable
111 * aa58330: [Form] fixed flawed condition
112 * 253eeba: [BugFix][Validator] Fix for PHP incosistent behaviour of ArrayAccess
113 * 0507840: Prevent parameters from overwriting the template filename.
114 * 9bc41d0: [HttpFoundation] Fixed #3053
115 * 9441c46: [DependencyInjection] PhpDumper, fixes #2730
4f9b9eb @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.9
fabpot authored
117 * 2.0.9 (2012-01-06)
119 * 0492290: [Console] added a missing method (closes #3043)
120 * e09b523: updated Twig to 1.5.1 to fix a regression
121 * 261325d: Cast $query['params'] to array to ensure it is a valid argument for the foreach.
122 * 85ca8e3: ParameterBag no longer resolves parameters that have spaces.
123 * aacb2de: use the forward compat version in the Filesystem service
124 * 41950a6: [WebProfilerBundle] add margin-bottom to caption
59663c6 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.8
fabpot authored
126 * 2.0.8 (2011-12-26)
128 * adea589: [Twig] made code compatible with Twig 1.5
129 * 6e98730: added forwards compatibility for the Filesystem component
130 * 1b4aaa2: [HttpFoundation] fixed ApacheRequest
131 * 8235848: [HttpFoundation][File] Add flv file default extension
132 * 5a6c989: FrameworkBundle: Adding test-attribute in xsd-schema to write functional-tests if using xml-configurations
133 * 649fa52: [DoctrineBridge] Fixed the entity provider to support proxies
134 * e417153: [BugFix][Console] Fix type hint for output formatter
135 * d1fa8cc: [WebProfiler] Fix some design glitches (closes #2867)
136 * 662fdc3: [DoctrineBundle] Fixed incorrectly shown params
137 * 9e38d6a: [SwiftmailerBundle] fixed the send email command when the queue does not extends Swift_ConfigurableSpool
138 * 5c41ec9: [HttpKernel][Client] Only simple (name=value without any other params) cookies can be stored in same line, so lets add every as standalone to be compliant with rfc6265
139 * 8069ea6: [Form] Added missing use statements (closes #2880)
140 * d5a1343: [Console] Improve input definition output for Boolean defaults
141 * 62f3dc4: [SecurityBundle] Changed environment to something unique.
142 * 0900ecc: #2688: Entities are generated in wrong folder (doctrine:generate:entities Namespace)
143 * f3e92c4: [TwigBundle] Fix the exception message escaping
144 * 4d64d90: Allow empty result; change default *choices* value to **null** instead of **array()**. - added *testEmptyChoicesAreManaged* test - `null` as default value for choices. - is_array() used to test if choices are user-defined. - `null` as default value in __construct too. - `null` as default value for choices in EntityType.
145 * ec7eec5: [DependencyInjection] fixed espacing issue (close #2819)
146 * 6548354: fixed data-url
147 * d97d7e9: Added a check to see if the type is a string if it's not a FormTypeInterface
148 * 7827f72: Fixes #2817: ensure that the base loader is correctly initialised
149 * 9c1fbb8: [DoctrineBridge] fixed the refreshing of the user for invalid users
150 * 45bba7b: Added a hint about a possible cause for why no mime type guesser is be available
151 * 3759ff0: [Locale] StubNumberFormatter allow to parse 64bit number in 64bit mode
152 * db2d773: [FrameworkBundle] Improve the TemplateLocator exception message
153 * 2c3e9ad: [DependencyInjection] Made the reference case insensitive
154 * 4535abe: [DoctrineBridge] Fixed attempt to serialize non-serializable values
9cb52ee @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.7
fabpot authored
156 * 2.0.7 (2011-12-08)
158 * b7fd519: [Security] fixed cast
159 * acbbe8a: [Process] introduced usage of PHP_BINARY (available as of PHP 5.4)
160 * 03ed770: [Validator] The current class isn't set in execution context when doing validateProperty()
161 * 7cfc392: check for session before trying to authentication details
162 * 3c83b89: [DoctrineBridge] Catch user-error when the identifier is not serialized with the User entity.
163 * 769c17b: Throw exceptions in case someone forgot to set method name in call.
164 * 4a8f101b: Fixed problem with multiple occurences of a given namespace. fix #2688
165 * 63e2a99: [CssSelector] Fixed Issue for XPathExprOr: missing prefix in string conversion
166 * 36c7d03: Fixed GH-2720 - Fix disabled atrribute handling for radio form elements
167 * 17dc605: [FrameworkBundle] Checks that the template is readable before checking its modification time
168 * 61e0bde: [HttpKernel] ControllerResolver arguments reflection for Closure object.
169 * e06cea9: [HttpFoundation] Cookie values should not be restricted
170 * a931e21: get correct client IP from X-forwarded-for header
171 * 78e9b2f: [Form] Fixed textarea_widget (W3C standards)
172 * 36cebf0: Fix infinite loop on circular reference in form factory
173 * 79ae3fc: [Form] fixed radio and checkbox when data is not bool
174 * c1426ba: added locale handling forward compatibility
175 * 10eed30: added MessageDataCollector forward compatibility
176 * 57e1aeb: Fixed undefined index notice in readProperty() method (PropertyPath)
3b68615 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.6
fabpot authored
178 * 2.0.6 (2011-11-16)
180 * f7c5bf1: [HttpKernel] fixed Content-Length header when using ESI tags (closes #2623)
181 * d67fbe9: [HttpFoundation] added an exception to MimeTypeGuesser::guess() when no guesser are available (closes #2636)
182 * 0462a89: [Security] fixed HttpUtils::checkRequestPath() to not catch all exceptions (closes #2637)
183 * 24dcd0f: [DoctrineBundle] added missing default parameters, needed to setup and use DBAL without ORM
184 * 462580c: [Form] Check for normal integers. refs 0427b126c15a0a27cd7033375e30371ae6a4e516
185 * bb5fb79: changed the way we store the current ob level (refs #2617)
186 * fb0fffe: [Validator] fixed a unit test for PHP 5.4 (closes #2585)
187 * 7cba0a0: Also identify FirePHP by the X-FirePHP-Version header
188 * ed1a6c2: [TwigBundle] Do not clean output buffering below initial level
189 * e83e00a: Fixed rendering of FileType (value is not a valid attribute for input[type=file])
190 * 8351a11: Added check for array fields to be integers in reverseTransform method. This prevents checkdate from getting strings as arguments and throwing incorrect ErrorException when submitting form with malformed (string) data in, for example, Date field. #2609
191 * 45b218e: [Translation] added detection for circular references when adding a fallback catalogue
192 * a245e15: [DomCrawler] trim URI in getURI
193 * 9d2ab9c: [Doctrine] fixed security user reloading when the user has been changed via a form with validation errors (closes #2033)
194 * d789f94: Serializer#normalize gives precedence to objects that support normalization
195 * 57b7daf: [Security] Fix checkRequestPath doc; closes #2323
196 * b33198f: fixed CodeHelper::formatFileFromText() method to allow &quot; as a file wrapper (it occurs for the main exception message)
197 * c31c512: [FrameworkBundle] fixed output buffering when an error occurs in a sub-request
198 * 380c67e: [FrameworkBundle] fixed HttpKernel when the app is stateless
199 * 95a1902: [Finder] bypassed some code when possible
200 * 957690c: fixing WebTastCase when kernel is not found and improving exception message
201 * dbba796: [Yaml] fixed dumper for floats when the locale separator is not a dot
202 * f9befb6: Remove only the security token instead of the session cookie.
203 * 348bccb: Clear session cookie if user was deleted, is disabled or locked to prevent infinite redirect loops to the login path (fixes #1798).
204 * 89cd64a: Set error code when number cannot be parsed. Fixes #2389
205 * c9d05d7: Let NumberFormatter handle integer type casting
cd1cd7a @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.5
fabpot authored
208 * 2.0.5 (2011-11-02)
210 * c5e2def: Fix ternary operator usage in RequestMatcher::checkIpv6()
211 * 43ce425: [HttpKernel] added missing accessor
212 * 80f0b98: [DependencyInjection] Fix DefinitionDecorator::getArgument() for replacements
213 * 4bd340d: [Security] Fix typo in init:acl command name
214 * 3043fa0: [HttpFoundation] fixed PHP 5.4 regression
215 * 8dcde3c: [DependencyInjection] fixed int casting for XML files (based on what is done in the YAML component)
216 * 6c2f093: [HttpFoundation] removed superfluous query call (closes #2469)
217 * 6343bef: [HttpKernel] Updated mirror method to check for symlinks before dirs and files
218 * 27d0809: [MonologBridge] Adjust for Monolog 1.0.2
219 * 808088a: added the ability to use dot and single quotes in the keys and values
220 * cbb4bba: [Routing] fixed side-effect in the PHP matcher dumper
221 * 1a43505: [FrameworkBundle] fixed priority to be consistent with 2.1
222 * 6b872cf: Check if cache_warmer service is available before doing the actual cache warmup
223 * e81c710: Increased the priority of the profiler request listener
224 * 2b0af5e: [HttpKernel] fixed profile parent/children for deep-nested requests
225 * 9d8046e: [Doctrine] GH-1635 - UniqueValidator now works with associations
226 * 3426c83: [BrowserKit] fixed cookie updates from Response (the URI here is not the base URI, so it should not be used to determine the default values missing in the cookie, closes #2309)
227 * c0f5b8a: [HttpKernel] fixed profile saving when it has children
228 * 3d7510e: [HttpKernel] fixed missing init for Profile children property
229 * 00cbd39: [BrowserKit] Fixed cookie expiry discard when attribute contains capitals
230 * edfa29b: session data needs to be encoded because it can contain non binary safe characters e.g null. Fixes #2067
231 * c00ba4d: [Console] fixed typo (closes #2358)
232 * 2270a4d: [Bridge][Doctrine] Adding a catch for when a developer uses the EntityType with multiple=false but on a "hasMany" relationship
233 * 2877883: anything in front of ;q= is part of the mime type, anything after may be ignored
234 * d2d849c: Added translations for "hy"
235 * ae0685a: [Translation] Loader should only load local files
236 * 8bd0e42: [Form] Use proper parent (text) for EmailType and TextareaType
237 * 95049ef: [Form] Added type check to `ScalarToChoiceTransformer`
238 * a74ae9d: [HttpFoundation] made X_REWRITE_URL only available on Windows platforms
239 * 828b18f: [Form] Fixed lacking attributes in DateTimeType
b6ef87f @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.4
fabpot authored
241 * 2.0.4 (2011-10-04)
243 * cf4a91e: [ClassLoader] fixed usage of trait_exists()
244 * 8d6add6: [DoctrineBridge] fixed directory reference when the directory cannot be created
245 * 5419638: [HttpKernel] Show the actual directory needing to be created.
246 * 5c8a2fb: [Routing] fixed route overriden mechanism when using embedded collections (closes #2139)
247 * e70c884: [Bridge/Monolog] Fix WebProcessor to accept a Request object.
248 * 600b8ef: [Validator] added support for grapheme_strlen when mbstring is not installed but intl is installed
249 * d429594: removed separator of choice widget when the separator is null
250 * 17af138: fixed usage of LIBXML_COMPACT as it is not always available
251 * b12ce94: [HttpFoundation] fix #2142 PathInfo parsing/checking
252 * b402835: [HttpFoundation] standardized cookie paths (an empty path is equivalent to /)
253 * 1284681: [BrowserKit] standardized cookie paths (an empty path is equivalent to /)
254 * 1e7e6ba: [HttpFoundation] removed the possibility for a cookie path to set it to null (as this is equivalent to /)
255 * 2db24c2: removed time limit for the vendors script (closes #2282)
256 * c13b4e2: fixed fallback catalogue mechanism in Framework bundle
257 * 369f181: [FrameworkBundle] Add request scope to assets helper only if needed
258 * d6b915a: [FrameworkBundle] Assets templating helper does not need request scope
259 * ed02aa9: Fix console: list 'namespace' command display all available commands
260 * 85ed5c6: [ClassLoader] Fixed state when trait_exists doesn't exists
261 * e866a67: [DoctrineBundle] Tries to auto-generate the missing proxy files on the autoloader
262 * 908a7a3: [HttpFoundation] Fix bug in clearCookie/removeCookie not clearing cookies set with a default '/' path, unless it was explicitly specified
eb8de85 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.3
fabpot authored
264 * 2.0.3 (2011-09-25)
266 * 49c585e: Revert "merged branch stealth35/ini_bool (PR #2235)"
c9b382d @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.2
fabpot authored
268 * 2.0.2 (2011-09-25)
270 * ae3aded: Added PCRE_DOTALL modifier to RouteCompiler to allow urlencoded linefeed in route parameters.
271 * e5a23db: [ClassLoader] added support for PHP 5.4 traits
272 * 11c4412: [DependencyInjection] fix 2219 IniFileLoader accept Boolean
273 * 64d44fb: [Translator] fixed recursion when using a fallback that is the same as the locale
274 * bca551e: [DomCrawler] ChoiceFormField should take the content when value is unavailable
275 * b635dca: [Translator] fixed non-loaded locale
276 * ab8e760: Fixed the creation of the subrequests
277 * 8e2cbe6: fixes usage of mb_*
278 * fd4d241: Profiler session import fixed.
279 * 9fb15c7: [Process] workaround a faulty implementation of is_executable on Windows
280 * 43b55ef: [Locale] Fix #2179 StubIntlDateFormatter support yy format
281 * 9ffd8ca: [Translation] renamed hasStrict() to defines()
282 * 79710ed: [Translation] added a MessageCatalogue::hasStrict() method to check if a string has a translation (but without taking into account the fallback mechanism)
283 * c50a3a1: [Translation] fixed transchoice when used with a fallback
284 * c985ffa: [Translation] fixed message selector when the message is empty (closes #2144)
285 * 27ba003: [HttpFoundation] changed the strategy introduced in a5ccda47b4406518ee75929ce2e690b6998c021b to fix functional tests and still allow to call save more than once for a Session
286 * ff99d80: Changed the behavior of Session::regenerate to destroy the session when it invalidates it.
287 * 73c8d2b: [Form] fixed error bubbling for Date and Time types when rendering as multiple choices (closes #2062)
288 * 95dc7e1: Fixed fourth argument of Filesystem->mirror()
289 * ae52303: [HttpFoundation] Fixed duplicate of request
290 * cd40ed4: Added missing method to HTTP Digest entry point
291 * 3a7e038: [FrameworkBundle] sanitize target arg in asset:install command
292 * 8d50c16: few optimisations for XliffFileLoader and XmlFileLoader
293 * 639513a: Per the documentation, the `NotBlank` constraint should be using the `empty` language construct, otherwise it will not trigger on, for example, a boolean false from an unchecked checkbox field.
294 * d19f1d7: [Doctrine] Fix UniqueEntityValidator reporting a false positive by ignoring multiple query results
295 * 0224a34: Fixes typo on ACL Doctrine cache.
296 * 6bd1749: Fixed a bug when multiple expanded choices would render unchecked because of the Form Framework's strict type checking.
297 * f448029: [HttpKernel] Tweaked SQLite to speed up SqliteProfilerStorage
298 * 2cfa22c: Fix Method ContainerAwareEventDispatcher::hasListeners
299 * f4c133e: removed trailing dot to make it consistent with other validator messages
300 * a6670c2: [Routing] fixed a caching issue when annotations are used on a base class used by more than one concrete class
301 * 946ccb6: [Routing] fixed annotation loaders for abstract classes, added more unit tests
302 * 723cb71: [Translation] Add compatibility to PCRE 6.6.0 for explicit interval pluralization
303 * 24bacdc: Ignore VCS files in assets:install command (closes #2025)
304 * 020fa51: [RedirectResponse] Added missing `doctype` and `title` tag
7275c88 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.1
fabpot authored
306 * 2.0.1 (2011-08-26)
0805c9c @fabpot added the 2.0.x CHANGELOG file
fabpot authored
7275c88 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.1
fabpot authored
308 * 1c7694f: [HttpFoundation] added a missing exception
309 * 84c1719: [FrameworkBundle] Avoid listener key conflicts in ContainerAwareEventDispatcher
310 * 536538f: [DoctrineBundle] removed an unused and confusing parameter (the connection class can be changed via the wrapper_class setting of a connection)
311 * d7f0789: [FrameworkBundle] fixed duplicated RequestContext instances
312 * 89f477e: [WebProfilerBundle] Throw exception if a collector template isn't found
313 * 6ca72cf: [WebProfilerBundle] Allow .html.twig in collector template names
755e0d4 @fabpot tweaked CHANGELOG
fabpot authored
314 * 39fabab: [EventDispatcher] Fix removeSubscriber() to work with priority syntax
315 * 3380f2a: [DomCrawler] fixed disabled fields in forms (they are available in the DOM, but their values are not submitted -- whereas before, they were simply removed from the DOM)
316 * 2b1bb2c: [Form] added missing DelegatingValidator registration in the Form Extension class (used when using the Form component outside a Symfony2 project where the validation.xml is used instead)
317 * fdd2e7a: [Form] Fixing a bug where setting empty_value to false caused a variable to not be found
318 * bc7edfe: [FrameworkBundle] changed resource filename of Japanese validator translation
319 * c29fa9d: [Form] Fix for treatment zero as empty data. Closes #1986
320 * 6e7c375: [FrameworkBundle] Cleanup schema file
321 * b6ee1a6: fixes a bug when overriding method via the X-HTTP-METHOD-OVERRIDE header
322 * 80d1718: [Fix] Email() constraints now guess as 'email' field type
323 * 3a64b08: Search in others user providers when a user is not found in the first user provider and throws the right exception.
324 * 805a267: Remove Content-Length header adding for now. Fixes #1846.
325 * ae55a98: Added $format in serialize() method, to keep consistence and give a hint to the normalizer.
326 * 7ec533e: got an if-condition out of unnecessary loops in Symfony\Component\ClassLoader\UniversalClassLoader
327 * 34a1b53: [HttpFoundation] Do not save session in Session::__destroy() when saved already
328 * 81fb8e1: [DomCrawler] fix finding charset in addContent
329 * 4f9d229: The trace argument value could be string ("*DEEP NESTED ARRAY*")
330 * be031f5: [HttpKernel] fixed ControllerResolver when the controller is a class name with an __invoke() method
331 * 275da0d: [Validator] changed 'self' to 'static' for child class to override pattern constant
332 * e78bc32: Fixed: Notice: Undefined index: enable_annotations in ...
333 * 86f888f: fix https default port check
334 * 8a980bd: $node->hasAttribute('disabled') sf2 should not create disagreement between implementation and practice for a crawler. If sahi real browser can find an element that is disabled, then sf2 should too.
335 * 1087792: -- fix use of STDIN
336 * ee5b9ce: [SwiftmailerBundle] Allow non-file spools
337 * d880db2: [Form] Test covered fix for invalid date (13 month/31.02.2011 etc.) send to transformer. Closes #1755
338 * df74f49: Patched src/Symfony/Component/Form/Extension/Core/DataTransformer/DateTimeToArrayTransformer.php to throw an exception when an invalid date is passed for transformation (e.g. 31st February)
339 * 8519967: Calling supportsClass from vote to find out if we can vote
0805c9c @fabpot added the 2.0.x CHANGELOG file
fabpot authored
341 * 2.0.0 (2011-07-28)
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