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0805c9c @fabpot added the 2.0.x CHANGELOG file
fabpot authored
1 CHANGELOG for 2.0.x
2 ===================
4 This changelog references the relevant changes (bug and security fixes) done
5 in 2.0 minor versions.
7 To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the change hash
8 To get the diff between two versions, go to
cd1cd7a @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.5
fabpot authored
10 * 2.0.5 (2011-11-02)
12 * c5e2def: Fix ternary operator usage in RequestMatcher::checkIpv6()
13 * 43ce425: [HttpKernel] added missing accessor
14 * 80f0b98: [DependencyInjection] Fix DefinitionDecorator::getArgument() for replacements
15 * 4bd340d: [Security] Fix typo in init:acl command name
16 * 3043fa0: [HttpFoundation] fixed PHP 5.4 regression
17 * 8dcde3c: [DependencyInjection] fixed int casting for XML files (based on what is done in the YAML component)
18 * 6c2f093: [HttpFoundation] removed superfluous query call (closes #2469)
19 * 6343bef: [HttpKernel] Updated mirror method to check for symlinks before dirs and files
20 * 27d0809: [MonologBridge] Adjust for Monolog 1.0.2
21 * 808088a: added the ability to use dot and single quotes in the keys and values
22 * cbb4bba: [Routing] fixed side-effect in the PHP matcher dumper
23 * 1a43505: [FrameworkBundle] fixed priority to be consistent with 2.1
24 * 6b872cf: Check if cache_warmer service is available before doing the actual cache warmup
25 * e81c710: Increased the priority of the profiler request listener
26 * 2b0af5e: [HttpKernel] fixed profile parent/children for deep-nested requests
27 * 9d8046e: [Doctrine] GH-1635 - UniqueValidator now works with associations
28 * 3426c83: [BrowserKit] fixed cookie updates from Response (the URI here is not the base URI, so it should not be used to determine the default values missing in the cookie, closes #2309)
29 * c0f5b8a: [HttpKernel] fixed profile saving when it has children
30 * 3d7510e: [HttpKernel] fixed missing init for Profile children property
31 * 00cbd39: [BrowserKit] Fixed cookie expiry discard when attribute contains capitals
32 * edfa29b: session data needs to be encoded because it can contain non binary safe characters e.g null. Fixes #2067
33 * c00ba4d: [Console] fixed typo (closes #2358)
34 * 2270a4d: [Bridge][Doctrine] Adding a catch for when a developer uses the EntityType with multiple=false but on a "hasMany" relationship
35 * 2877883: anything in front of ;q= is part of the mime type, anything after may be ignored
36 * d2d849c: Added translations for "hy"
37 * ae0685a: [Translation] Loader should only load local files
38 * 8bd0e42: [Form] Use proper parent (text) for EmailType and TextareaType
39 * 95049ef: [Form] Added type check to `ScalarToChoiceTransformer`
40 * a74ae9d: [HttpFoundation] made X_REWRITE_URL only available on Windows platforms
41 * 828b18f: [Form] Fixed lacking attributes in DateTimeType
b6ef87f @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.4
fabpot authored
43 * 2.0.4 (2011-10-04)
45 * cf4a91e: [ClassLoader] fixed usage of trait_exists()
46 * 8d6add6: [DoctrineBridge] fixed directory reference when the directory cannot be created
47 * 5419638: [HttpKernel] Show the actual directory needing to be created.
48 * 5c8a2fb: [Routing] fixed route overriden mechanism when using embedded collections (closes #2139)
49 * e70c884: [Bridge/Monolog] Fix WebProcessor to accept a Request object.
50 * 600b8ef: [Validator] added support for grapheme_strlen when mbstring is not installed but intl is installed
51 * d429594: removed separator of choice widget when the separator is null
52 * 17af138: fixed usage of LIBXML_COMPACT as it is not always available
53 * b12ce94: [HttpFoundation] fix #2142 PathInfo parsing/checking
54 * b402835: [HttpFoundation] standardized cookie paths (an empty path is equivalent to /)
55 * 1284681: [BrowserKit] standardized cookie paths (an empty path is equivalent to /)
56 * 1e7e6ba: [HttpFoundation] removed the possibility for a cookie path to set it to null (as this is equivalent to /)
57 * 2db24c2: removed time limit for the vendors script (closes #2282)
58 * c13b4e2: fixed fallback catalogue mechanism in Framework bundle
59 * 369f181: [FrameworkBundle] Add request scope to assets helper only if needed
60 * d6b915a: [FrameworkBundle] Assets templating helper does not need request scope
61 * ed02aa9: Fix console: list 'namespace' command display all available commands
62 * 85ed5c6: [ClassLoader] Fixed state when trait_exists doesn't exists
63 * e866a67: [DoctrineBundle] Tries to auto-generate the missing proxy files on the autoloader
64 * 908a7a3: [HttpFoundation] Fix bug in clearCookie/removeCookie not clearing cookies set with a default '/' path, unless it was explicitly specified
eb8de85 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.3
fabpot authored
66 * 2.0.3 (2011-09-25)
68 * 49c585e: Revert "merged branch stealth35/ini_bool (PR #2235)"
c9b382d @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.2
fabpot authored
70 * 2.0.2 (2011-09-25)
72 * ae3aded: Added PCRE_DOTALL modifier to RouteCompiler to allow urlencoded linefeed in route parameters.
73 * e5a23db: [ClassLoader] added support for PHP 5.4 traits
74 * 11c4412: [DependencyInjection] fix 2219 IniFileLoader accept Boolean
75 * 64d44fb: [Translator] fixed recursion when using a fallback that is the same as the locale
76 * bca551e: [DomCrawler] ChoiceFormField should take the content when value is unavailable
77 * b635dca: [Translator] fixed non-loaded locale
78 * ab8e760: Fixed the creation of the subrequests
79 * 8e2cbe6: fixes usage of mb_*
80 * fd4d241: Profiler session import fixed.
81 * 9fb15c7: [Process] workaround a faulty implementation of is_executable on Windows
82 * 43b55ef: [Locale] Fix #2179 StubIntlDateFormatter support yy format
83 * 9ffd8ca: [Translation] renamed hasStrict() to defines()
84 * 79710ed: [Translation] added a MessageCatalogue::hasStrict() method to check if a string has a translation (but without taking into account the fallback mechanism)
85 * c50a3a1: [Translation] fixed transchoice when used with a fallback
86 * c985ffa: [Translation] fixed message selector when the message is empty (closes #2144)
87 * 27ba003: [HttpFoundation] changed the strategy introduced in a5ccda47b4406518ee75929ce2e690b6998c021b to fix functional tests and still allow to call save more than once for a Session
88 * ff99d80: Changed the behavior of Session::regenerate to destroy the session when it invalidates it.
89 * 73c8d2b: [Form] fixed error bubbling for Date and Time types when rendering as multiple choices (closes #2062)
90 * 95dc7e1: Fixed fourth argument of Filesystem->mirror()
91 * ae52303: [HttpFoundation] Fixed duplicate of request
92 * cd40ed4: Added missing method to HTTP Digest entry point
93 * 3a7e038: [FrameworkBundle] sanitize target arg in asset:install command
94 * 8d50c16: few optimisations for XliffFileLoader and XmlFileLoader
95 * 639513a: Per the documentation, the `NotBlank` constraint should be using the `empty` language construct, otherwise it will not trigger on, for example, a boolean false from an unchecked checkbox field.
96 * d19f1d7: [Doctrine] Fix UniqueEntityValidator reporting a false positive by ignoring multiple query results
97 * 0224a34: Fixes typo on ACL Doctrine cache.
98 * 6bd1749: Fixed a bug when multiple expanded choices would render unchecked because of the Form Framework's strict type checking.
99 * f448029: [HttpKernel] Tweaked SQLite to speed up SqliteProfilerStorage
100 * 2cfa22c: Fix Method ContainerAwareEventDispatcher::hasListeners
101 * f4c133e: removed trailing dot to make it consistent with other validator messages
102 * a6670c2: [Routing] fixed a caching issue when annotations are used on a base class used by more than one concrete class
103 * 946ccb6: [Routing] fixed annotation loaders for abstract classes, added more unit tests
104 * 723cb71: [Translation] Add compatibility to PCRE 6.6.0 for explicit interval pluralization
105 * 24bacdc: Ignore VCS files in assets:install command (closes #2025)
106 * 020fa51: [RedirectResponse] Added missing `doctype` and `title` tag
7275c88 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.1
fabpot authored
108 * 2.0.1 (2011-08-26)
0805c9c @fabpot added the 2.0.x CHANGELOG file
fabpot authored
7275c88 @fabpot updated CHANGELOG for 2.0.1
fabpot authored
110 * 1c7694f: [HttpFoundation] added a missing exception
111 * 84c1719: [FrameworkBundle] Avoid listener key conflicts in ContainerAwareEventDispatcher
112 * 536538f: [DoctrineBundle] removed an unused and confusing parameter (the connection class can be changed via the wrapper_class setting of a connection)
113 * d7f0789: [FrameworkBundle] fixed duplicated RequestContext instances
114 * 89f477e: [WebProfilerBundle] Throw exception if a collector template isn't found
115 * 6ca72cf: [WebProfilerBundle] Allow .html.twig in collector template names
755e0d4 @fabpot tweaked CHANGELOG
fabpot authored
116 * 39fabab: [EventDispatcher] Fix removeSubscriber() to work with priority syntax
117 * 3380f2a: [DomCrawler] fixed disabled fields in forms (they are available in the DOM, but their values are not submitted -- whereas before, they were simply removed from the DOM)
118 * 2b1bb2c: [Form] added missing DelegatingValidator registration in the Form Extension class (used when using the Form component outside a Symfony2 project where the validation.xml is used instead)
119 * fdd2e7a: [Form] Fixing a bug where setting empty_value to false caused a variable to not be found
120 * bc7edfe: [FrameworkBundle] changed resource filename of Japanese validator translation
121 * c29fa9d: [Form] Fix for treatment zero as empty data. Closes #1986
122 * 6e7c375: [FrameworkBundle] Cleanup schema file
123 * b6ee1a6: fixes a bug when overriding method via the X-HTTP-METHOD-OVERRIDE header
124 * 80d1718: [Fix] Email() constraints now guess as 'email' field type
125 * 3a64b08: Search in others user providers when a user is not found in the first user provider and throws the right exception.
126 * 805a267: Remove Content-Length header adding for now. Fixes #1846.
127 * ae55a98: Added $format in serialize() method, to keep consistence and give a hint to the normalizer.
128 * 7ec533e: got an if-condition out of unnecessary loops in Symfony\Component\ClassLoader\UniversalClassLoader
129 * 34a1b53: [HttpFoundation] Do not save session in Session::__destroy() when saved already
130 * 81fb8e1: [DomCrawler] fix finding charset in addContent
131 * 4f9d229: The trace argument value could be string ("*DEEP NESTED ARRAY*")
132 * be031f5: [HttpKernel] fixed ControllerResolver when the controller is a class name with an __invoke() method
133 * 275da0d: [Validator] changed 'self' to 'static' for child class to override pattern constant
134 * e78bc32: Fixed: Notice: Undefined index: enable_annotations in ...
135 * 86f888f: fix https default port check
136 * 8a980bd: $node->hasAttribute('disabled') sf2 should not create disagreement between implementation and practice for a crawler. If sahi real browser can find an element that is disabled, then sf2 should too.
137 * 1087792: -- fix use of STDIN
138 * ee5b9ce: [SwiftmailerBundle] Allow non-file spools
139 * d880db2: [Form] Test covered fix for invalid date (13 month/31.02.2011 etc.) send to transformer. Closes #1755
140 * df74f49: Patched src/Symfony/Component/Form/Extension/Core/DataTransformer/DateTimeToArrayTransformer.php to throw an exception when an invalid date is passed for transformation (e.g. 31st February)
141 * 8519967: Calling supportsClass from vote to find out if we can vote
0805c9c @fabpot added the 2.0.x CHANGELOG file
fabpot authored
143 * 2.0.0 (2011-07-28)
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