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* This file is part of the Symfony package.
* (c) Fabien Potencier <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
namespace Symfony\Component\Cache\Simple;
use Symfony\Component\Cache\Adapter\PhpFilesAdapter;
use Symfony\Component\Cache\Exception\CacheException;
use Symfony\Component\Cache\PruneableInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Cache\Traits\PhpFilesTrait;
use Symfony\Contracts\Cache\CacheInterface;
@trigger_error(sprintf('The "%s" class is deprecated since Symfony 4.3, use "%s" and type-hint for "%s" instead.', PhpFilesCache::class, PhpFilesAdapter::class, CacheInterface::class), \E_USER_DEPRECATED);
* @deprecated since Symfony 4.3, use PhpFilesAdapter and type-hint for CacheInterface instead.
class PhpFilesCache extends AbstractCache implements PruneableInterface
use PhpFilesTrait;
* @param $appendOnly Set to `true` to gain extra performance when the items stored in this pool never expire.
* Doing so is encouraged because it fits perfectly OPcache's memory model.
* @throws CacheException if OPcache is not enabled
public function __construct(string $namespace = '', int $defaultLifetime = 0, string $directory = null, bool $appendOnly = false)
$this->appendOnly = $appendOnly;
self::$startTime = self::$startTime ?? $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'] ?? time();
parent::__construct('', $defaultLifetime);
$this->init($namespace, $directory);
$this->includeHandler = static function ($type, $msg, $file, $line) {
throw new \ErrorException($msg, 0, $type, $file, $line);