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* This file is part of the Symfony package.
* (c) Fabien Potencier <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
namespace Symfony\Component\Messenger;
use Symfony\Component\Messenger\Exception\LogicException;
use Symfony\Component\Messenger\Stamp\HandledStamp;
* Leverages a message bus to expect a single, synchronous message handling and return its result.
* @author Maxime Steinhausser <>
trait HandleTrait
/** @var MessageBusInterface */
private $messageBus;
* Dispatches the given message, expecting to be handled by a single handler
* and returns the result from the handler returned value.
* This behavior is useful for both synchronous command & query buses,
* the last one usually returning the handler result.
* @param object|Envelope $message The message or the message pre-wrapped in an envelope
* @return mixed The handler returned value
private function handle($message)
if (!$this->messageBus instanceof MessageBusInterface) {
throw new LogicException(sprintf('You must provide a "%s" instance in the "%s::$messageBus" property, "%s" given.', MessageBusInterface::class, static::class, \is_object($this->messageBus) ? \get_class($this->messageBus) : \gettype($this->messageBus)));
$envelope = $this->messageBus->dispatch($message);
/** @var HandledStamp[] $handledStamps */
$handledStamps = $envelope->all(HandledStamp::class);
if (!$handledStamps) {
throw new LogicException(sprintf('Message of type "%s" was handled zero times. Exactly one handler is expected when using "%s::%s()".', \get_class($envelope->getMessage()), static::class, __FUNCTION__));
if (\count($handledStamps) > 1) {
$handlers = implode(', ', array_map(function (HandledStamp $stamp): string {
return sprintf('"%s"', $stamp->getHandlerName());
}, $handledStamps));
throw new LogicException(sprintf('Message of type "%s" was handled multiple times. Only one handler is expected when using "%s::%s()", got %d: %s.', \get_class($envelope->getMessage()), static::class, __FUNCTION__, \count($handledStamps), $handlers));
return $handledStamps[0]->getResult();