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UPGRADE FROM 4.0 to 4.1


  • Implementing ParentNodeDefinitionInterface without the getChildNodeDefinitions() method is deprecated.


  • Deprecated the setCrossingChar() method in favor of the setDefaultCrossingChar() method in TableStyle.
  • The Processor class has been made final
  • Deprecated the setHorizontalBorderChar() method in favor of the setDefaultCrossingChars() method in TableStyle.
  • Deprecated the getHorizontalBorderChar() method in favor of the getBorderChars() method in TableStyle.
  • Deprecated the setVerticalBorderChar() method in favor of the setVerticalBorderChars() method in TableStyle.
  • Deprecated the getVerticalBorderChar() method in favor of the getBorderChars() method in TableStyle.
  • Added support for iterable messages in write and writeln methods of Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface. If you have a custom implementation of the interface, you should make sure it works with iterable as well.


  • Deprecated the TypedReference::canBeAutoregistered() and TypedReference::getRequiringClass() methods.
  • Deprecated support for auto-discovered extension configuration class which does not implement ConfigurationInterface.


  • The TraceableEventDispatcherInterface has been deprecated.


  • Deprecated the ChoiceLoaderInterface implementation in CountryType, LanguageType, LocaleType and CurrencyType, use the choice_loader option instead.


    class MyCountryType extends CountryType
        public function loadChoiceList()
            // override the method


    class MyCountryType extends AbstractType
        public function getParent()
            return CountryType::class;
        public function configureOptions(OptionsResolver $resolver)
            $resolver->setDefault('choice_loader', ...); // override the option instead
  • Added help option to the form field. If you have custom Form extension for it, you should remove it. Also remove it from the custom form theme.


  • Deprecated bundle:controller:action and service:action syntaxes to reference controllers. Use serviceOrFqcn::method instead where serviceOrFqcn is either the service ID when using controllers as services or the FQCN of the controller.


        path: /
            _controller: FrameworkBundle:Redirect:redirect
        path: /
            _controller: app.my_controller:myAction


        path: /
            _controller: Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\RedirectController::redirectAction
        path: /
            _controller: app.my_controller::myAction
  • Deprecated Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\ControllerNameParser

  • Warming up a router in RouterCacheWarmer that does not implement the WarmableInterface is deprecated and will not be supported anymore in 5.0.

  • The RequestDataCollector class has been deprecated. Use the Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\DataCollector\RequestDataCollector class instead.


  • Passing the file size to the constructor of the UploadedFile class is deprecated.
  • The getClientSize() method of the UploadedFile class is deprecated. Use getSize() instead.
  • Deprecated Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request::getSession() when no session has been set. Use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request::hasSession() instead.


  • The ContextListener::setLogoutOnUserChange() method is deprecated.
  • Using the AdvancedUserInterface is now deprecated. To use the existing functionality, create a custom user-checker based on the Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserChecker.
  • AuthenticationUtils::getLastUsername() now always returns a string.
  • The ExpressionVoter::addExpressionLanguageProvider() method is deprecated. Register the provider directly on the injected ExpressionLanguage instance instead.


  • The logout_on_user_change firewall option is deprecated.
  • The switch_user.stateless firewall option is deprecated, use the stateless option instead.
  • The SecurityUserValueResolver class is deprecated, use Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Controller\UserValueResolver instead.


  • Decoding XML with XmlEncoder now ignores comment node types by default.


  • The FileDumper::setBackup() method is deprecated.
  • The TranslationWriter::disableBackup() method is deprecated.


  • Deprecated relying on the default value (false) of the twig.strict_variables configuration option. You should use %kernel.debug% explicitly instead, which will be the new default in 5.0.


  • The Email::__construct() 'strict' property is deprecated. Use 'mode'=>"strict" instead.
  • Calling EmailValidator::__construct() method with a boolean parameter is deprecated, use EmailValidator("strict") instead.
  • Deprecated the checkDNS and dnsMessage options of the Url constraint.


  • Deprecated the DefinitionBuilder::reset() method, use the clear() one instead.
  • Deprecated the add method in favor of the addWorkflow method in Workflow\Registry.
  • Deprecated SupportStrategyInterface in favor of WorkflowSupportStrategyInterface.
  • Deprecated the class ClassInstanceSupportStrategy in favor of the class InstanceOfSupportStrategy.
  • Deprecated passing the workflow name as 4th parameter of Event constructor in favor of the workflow itself.