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UPGRADE FROM 4.3 to 4.4


  • Added argument $prefix to AdapterInterface::clear()
  • Marked the CacheDataCollector class as @final.


  • Deprecated finding hidden commands using an abbreviation, use the full name instead
  • Deprecated returning null from Command::execute(), return 0 instead
  • Deprecated the Application::renderException() and Application::doRenderException() methods, use renderThrowable() and doRenderThrowable() instead.


  • Deprecated the component in favor of the ErrorHandler component


  • Deprecated overriding the FilerLoader::import() method without declaring the optional $exclude argument


  • Made singly-implemented interfaces detection be scoped by file

  • Deprecated support for short factories and short configurators in Yaml


            factory: factory_service:method


            factory: ['@factory_service', method]
  • Passing an instance of Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Parameter as class name to Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Definition is deprecated.


    new Definition(new Parameter('my_class'));


    new Definition('%my_class%');


  • Deprecated injecting ClassMetadataFactory in DoctrineExtractor, an instance of EntityManagerInterface should be injected instead.
  • Deprecated passing an IdReader to the DoctrineChoiceLoader when the query cannot be optimized with single id field.
  • Deprecated not passing an IdReader to the DoctrineChoiceLoader when the query can be optimized with single id field.
  • Deprecated RegistryInterface, use Doctrine\Common\Persistence\ManagerRegistry.
  • Added a new getMetadataDriverClass method to replace class parameters in AbstractDoctrineExtension. This method will be abstract in Symfony 5 and must be declared in extending classes.


  • Support for passing a null value to Filesystem::isAbsolutePath() is deprecated.


  • Using different values for the "model_timezone" and "view_timezone" options of the TimeType without configuring a reference date is deprecated.
  • Using int or float as data for the NumberType when the input option is set to string is deprecated.
  • Overriding the methods FormIntegrationTestCase::setUp(), TypeTestCase::setUp() and TypeTestCase::tearDown() without the void return-type is deprecated.


  • Deprecated calling WebTestCase::createClient() while a kernel has been booted, ensure the kernel is shut down before calling the method
  • Deprecated support for templating engine in TemplateController, use Twig instead
  • The $parser argument of ControllerResolver::__construct() and DelegatingLoader::__construct() has been deprecated.
  • The ControllerResolver and DelegatingLoader classes have been marked as final.
  • The controller_name_converter and resolve_controller_name_subscriber services have been deprecated.
  • Deprecated routing.loader.service, use routing.loader.container instead.
  • Not tagging service route loaders with routing.route_loader has been deprecated.
  • Overriding the methods KernelTestCase::tearDown() and WebTestCase::tearDown() without the void return-type is deprecated.
  • Marked the RouterDataCollector class as @final.


  • Added method cancel() to ResponseInterface


  • ApacheRequest is deprecated, use Request class instead.
  • Passing a third argument to HeaderBag::get() is deprecated since Symfony 4.4, use method all() instead
  • [BC BREAK] PdoSessionHandler with MySQL changed the type of the lifetime column, make sure to run ALTER TABLE sessions MODIFY sess_lifetime INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL to update your database.
  • PdoSessionHandler now precalculates the expiry timestamp in the lifetime column, make sure to run CREATE INDEX EXPIRY ON sessions (sess_lifetime) to update your database to speed up garbage collection of expired sessions.


  • The DebugHandlersListener class has been marked as final

  • Added new Bundle directory convention consistent with standard skeletons:

    └── MyBundle/
        ├── config/
        ├── public/
        ├── src/
        │   └── MyBundle.php
        ├── templates/
        └── translations/

    To make this work properly, it is necessary to change the root path of the bundle:

    class MyBundle extends Bundle
        public function getPath(): string
            return \dirname(__DIR__);

    As many bundles must be compatible with a range of Symfony versions, the current directory convention is not deprecated yet, but it will be in the future.

  • Deprecated the second and third argument of KernelInterface::locateResource

  • Deprecated the second and third argument of FileLocator::__construct

  • Deprecated loading resources from %kernel.root_dir%/Resources and %kernel.root_dir% as fallback directories. Resources like service definitions are usually loaded relative to the current directory or with a glob pattern. The fallback directories have never been advocated so you likely do not use those in any app based on the SF Standard or Flex edition.

  • Getting the container from a non-booted kernel is deprecated

  • Marked the AjaxDataCollector, ConfigDataCollector, EventDataCollector, ExceptionDataCollector, LoggerDataCollector, MemoryDataCollector, RequestDataCollector and TimeDataCollector classes as @final.

  • Marked the RouterDataCollector::collect() method as @final.

  • The DataCollectorInterface::collect() and Profiler::collect() methods third parameter signature will be \Throwable $exception = null instead of \Exception $exception = null in Symfony 5.0.

  • Deprecated methods ExceptionEvent::get/setException(), use get/setThrowable() instead

  • Deprecated class ExceptionListener, use ErrorListener instead


  • Deprecated Symfony\Component\Lock\StoreInterface in favor of Symfony\Component\Lock\BlockingStoreInterface and Symfony\Component\Lock\PersistingStoreInterface.
  • Factory is deprecated, use LockFactory instead
  • Deprecated services,, and, use StoreFactory::createStore instead.


  • [BC BREAK] Changed the DSN to use for disabling delivery (using the NullTransport) from smtp://null to null://null (host doesn't matter).
  • [BC BREAK] Renamed class SmtpEnvelope to Envelope and DelayedSmtpEnvelope to DelayedEnvelope.
  • [BC BREAK] Added a required string $transport argument to MessageEvent::__construct.


  • [BC BREAK] Removed SendersLocatorInterface::getSenderByAlias added in 4.3.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed $retryStrategies argument from Worker::__construct.
  • [BC BREAK] Changed arguments of ConsumeMessagesCommand::__construct.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed $senderClassOrAlias argument from RedeliveryStamp::__construct.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed UnknownSenderException.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed WorkerInterface.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed $onHandledCallback of Worker::run(array $options = [], callable $onHandledCallback = null).
  • [BC BREAK] Removed StopWhenMemoryUsageIsExceededWorker in favor of StopWorkerOnMemoryLimitListener.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed StopWhenMessageCountIsExceededWorker in favor of StopWorkerOnMessageLimitListener.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed StopWhenTimeLimitIsReachedWorker in favor of StopWorkerOnTimeLimitListener.
  • [BC BREAK] Removed StopWhenRestartSignalIsReceived in favor of StopWorkerOnRestartSignalListener.
  • Marked the MessengerDataCollector class as @final.


  • Removed NamedAddress, use Address instead (which supports a name now)


  • The RouteProcessor has been marked final.


  • Deprecated the Process::inheritEnvironmentVariables() method: env variables are always inherited.


  • Deprecated passing null as 2nd argument of PropertyAccessor::createCache() method ($defaultLifetime), pass 0 instead.


  • Deprecated ServiceRouterLoader in favor of ContainerLoader.
  • Deprecated ObjectRouteLoader in favor of ObjectLoader.


  • The LdapUserProvider class has been deprecated, use Symfony\Component\Ldap\Security\LdapUserProvider instead.

  • Implementations of PasswordEncoderInterface and UserPasswordEncoderInterface should add a new needsRehash() method

  • Deprecated returning a non-boolean value when implementing Guard\AuthenticatorInterface::checkCredentials(). Please explicitly return false to indicate invalid credentials.

  • The ListenerInterface is deprecated, extend AbstractListener instead.

  • Deprecated passing more than one attribute to AccessDecisionManager::decide() and AuthorizationChecker::isGranted() (and indirectly the is_granted() Twig and ExpressionLanguage function)


    if ($this->authorizationChecker->isGranted(['ROLE_USER', 'ROLE_ADMIN'])) {
        // ...


    if ($this->authorizationChecker->isGranted(new Expression("is_granted('ROLE_USER') or is_granted('ROLE_ADMIN')"))) {}
    // or:
    if ($this->authorizationChecker->isGranted('ROLE_USER')
       || $this->authorizationChecker->isGranted('ROLE_ADMIN')
    ) {}


  • Marked the SecurityDataCollector class as @final.


  • Deprecated the XmlEncoder::TYPE_CASE_ATTRIBUTES constant. Use XmlEncoder::TYPE_CAST_ATTRIBUTES instead.


  • Deprecated passing null as 1st ($id) argument of Section::get() method, pass a valid child section identifier instead.


  • Deprecated support for using null as the locale in Translator.
  • Deprecated accepting STDIN implicitly when using the lint:xliff command, use lint:xliff - (append a dash) instead to make it explicit.
  • Marked the TranslationDataCollector class as @final.


  • Deprecated to pass $rootDir and $fileLinkFormatter as 5th and 6th argument respectively to the DebugCommand::__construct() method, swap the variables position.
  • Deprecated accepting STDIN implicitly when using the lint:twig command, use lint:twig - (append a dash) instead to make it explicit.
  • Marked the TwigDataCollector class as @final.


  • Deprecated twig.exception_controller configuration option.

    If you were not using this option previously, set it to null:


        exception_controller: null

    If you were using this option previously, set it to null and use framework.error_controller instead:


        exception_controller: 'App\Controller\MyExceptionController'


        exception_controller: null
        error_controller: 'App\Controller\MyExceptionController'

    The new default exception controller will also change the error response content according to for json, xml, atom and txt formats:


        "error": {
            "code": 404,
            "message": "Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found"


        "title": "Not Found",
        "status": 404,
        "detail": "Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found"
  • Deprecated the ExceptionController and PreviewErrorController controllers, use ErrorController from the HttpKernel component instead

  • Deprecated all built-in error templates, use the error renderer mechanism of the ErrorHandler component

  • Deprecated loading custom error templates in non-html formats. Custom HTML error pages based on Twig keep working as before:

    Before (templates/bundles/TwigBundle/Exception/error.json.twig):

        "type": "",
        "title": "{{ status_text }}",
        "status": {{ status_code }}

    After (App\Serializer\ProblemJsonNormalizer):

    class ProblemJsonNormalizer implements NormalizerInterface
        public function normalize($exception, $format = null, array $context = [])
            return [
                'type' => '',
                'title' => $exception->getStatusText(),
                'status' => $exception->getStatusCode(),
        public function supportsNormalization($data, $format = null)
            return 'json' === $format && $data instanceof FlattenException;


  • Deprecated passing an ExpressionLanguage instance as the second argument of ExpressionValidator::__construct().
  • Deprecated using anything else than a string as the code of a ConstraintViolation, a string type-hint will be added to the constructor of the ConstraintViolation class and to the ConstraintViolationBuilder::setCode() method in 5.0.
  • Deprecated passing an ExpressionLanguage instance as the second argument of ExpressionValidator::__construct(). Pass it as the first argument instead.
  • The Length constraint expects the allowEmptyString option to be defined when the min option is used. Set it to true to keep the current behavior and false to reject empty strings. In 5.0, it'll become optional and will default to false.
  • Overriding the methods ConstraintValidatorTestCase::setUp() and ConstraintValidatorTestCase::tearDown() without the void return-type is deprecated.
  • deprecated Symfony\Component\Validator\Mapping\Cache\CacheInterface and all implementations in favor of PSR-6.
  • deprecated ValidatorBuilder::setMetadataCache, use ValidatorBuilder::setMappingCache instead.
  • The Range constraint has a new message option notInRangeMessage that is used when both min and max values are set. In case you are using custom translations make sure to add one for this new message.
  • Marked the ValidatorDataCollector class as @final.


  • Deprecated the ExceptionController class in favor of ExceptionErrorController
  • Deprecated the TemplateManager::templateExists() method


  • The bundle is deprecated and will be removed in 5.0.


  • Deprecated accepting STDIN implicitly when using the lint:yaml command, use lint:yaml - (append a dash) instead to make it explicit.
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