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  • Dropped support for constructing a TreeBuilder without passing root node information.
  • Removed the root() method in TreeBuilder, pass the root node information to the constructor instead
  • Added method getChildNodeDefinitions() to ParentNodeDefinitionInterface
  • Removed FileLoaderLoadException, use LoaderLoadException instead


  • deprecated using environment variables with cannotBeEmpty() if the value is validated with validate()
  • made Resource\* classes final and not implement Serializable anymore
  • deprecated the root() method in TreeBuilder, pass the root node information to the constructor instead


  • deprecated constructing a TreeBuilder without passing root node information
  • renamed FileLoaderLoadException to LoaderLoadException


  • added setPathSeparator method to NodeBuilder class
  • added third $pathSeparator constructor argument to BaseNode
  • the Processor class has been made final


  • removed ConfigCachePass


  • added setDeprecated() method to indicate a deprecated node
  • added XmlUtils::parse() method to parse an XML string
  • deprecated ConfigCachePass


  • added ReflectionClassResource class
  • added second $exists constructor argument to ClassExistenceResource
  • made ClassExistenceResource work with interfaces and traits
  • added ConfigCachePass (originally in FrameworkBundle)
  • added castToArray() helper to turn any config value into an array


  • removed ReferenceDumper class
  • removed the ResourceInterface::isFresh() method
  • removed BCResourceInterfaceChecker class
  • removed ResourceInterface::getResource() method


The edge case of defining just one value for nodes of type Enum is now allowed:


Before: InvalidArgumentException (variable must contain at least two distinct elements). After: the code will work as expected and it will restrict the values of the variable option to just value.

  • deprecated the ResourceInterface::isFresh() method. If you implement custom resource types and they can be validated that way, make them implement the new SelfCheckingResourceInterface.
  • deprecated the getResource() method in ResourceInterface. You can still call this method on concrete classes implementing the interface, but it does not make sense at the interface level as you need to know about the particular type of resource at hand to understand the semantics of the returned value.


  • added ConfigCacheInterface, ConfigCacheFactoryInterface and a basic ConfigCacheFactory implementation to delegate creation of ConfigCache instances


  • added ArrayNodeDefinition::canBeEnabled() and ArrayNodeDefinition::canBeDisabled() to ease configuration when some sections are respectively disabled / enabled by default.
  • added a normalizeKeys() method for array nodes (to avoid key normalization)
  • added numerical type handling for config definitions
  • added convenience methods for optional configuration sections to ArrayNodeDefinition
  • added a utils class for XML manipulations


  • added a way to add documentation on configuration
  • implemented Serializable on resources
  • LoaderResolverInterface is now used instead of LoaderResolver for type hinting
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