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CHANGELOG for 2.1.x

This changelog references the relevant changes (bug and security fixes) done in 2.1 minor versions.

To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the change hash To get the diff between two versions, go to

  • 2.1.3 (2012-10-30)

    • 6f15c47: [ClassLoader] fixed unbracketed namespaces (closes #5747)
    • 20898e5: Add to DateFormats 'D M d H:i:s Y T' (closes #5830)
    • b844d6b: [Form] Fixed DoctrineOrmTypeGuesser to guess the "required" option for to-one associations
    • 965734e: fixed fallback locale
    • bda29b3: [Form] Fixed error message in PropertyPath to not advice to use a non-existing feature
    • bf3e358: [Form] Fixed creation of multiple money fields with different currencies
    • 8f81f07: [Form] Fixed setting the "data" option to an object in "choice" and "entity" type
    • 53c43bf: Fixed Serbian plural translations.
    • 959c1df: Fixed IPv6 Check in RequestMatcher
    • cf1e02d: [Console] Fix error when mode is not in PATH
    • 6b66bc3: [2.1] Added missing error return codes in commands
    • e0a3fc1: Made the router lazy when setting the context
    • 89f7b5e: [HttpFoundation] fixed empty path when using Request::create() (closes #5729)
    • 8c6b7a4: Fixed the handling of the intl locale when setting the default locale
    • 673f74b: [HttpFoundation] Fixed #5697 - Request::createFromGlobals, Request::getContentType Changed checking CONTENT_TYPE from server to headers variable
    • 1566f9f: [Routing] fix handling of whitespace and synch between collection prefix and route pattern
    • b439d13: fixed DomCrwaler/Form to handle when submitted
    • a4f3ea9: [2.1][DependencyInjection] Incomplete error handling in the container
    • 90145d2: [Routing] fix handling of two starting slashes in the pattern
    • cf422bf: [Validator] Updated swedish translation
    • 132ba25: Update src/Symfony/Component/Validator/Resources/translations/
    • 6a6b4ae: Updated lithuanian validation translation
    • 74d10d6: [DomCrawler] Allows using multiselect through Form::setValues().
    • a6ae6f6: [Translation] forced the catalogue to be regenerated when a resource is added (closes symfony/Translation#1)
    • 2568432: [Form] Hardened code of ViolationMapper against errors
    • 6c59fbd: [HttpFoundation] Fixed #5611 - Request::splitHttpAcceptHeader incorrect result order.
    • 2d41229: [Form] Fixed negative index access in PropertyPathBuilder
    • ed1cf54: Update src/Symfony/Component/Validator/Resources/translations/
    • 47d7531: [2.1] Fix SessionHandlerInterface autoloading
    • 1a53b12: [2.0][http-foundation] Fix Response::getDate method
    • 3cc3c67: [DoctrineBridge] Require class option for DoctrineType
    • 4e3ea22: [HttpFoundation] fixed the path to the SensioHandlerInterface class in composer.json
    • 7444cb9: Support the new Microsoft URL Rewrite Module for IIS 7.0
    • c120c4d: Added Base64 encoding, decoding to MongoDBProfilerStorage
    • 335aa86: Update src/Symfony/Component/Validator/Resources/translations/
    • 27b2df9: [Process] Fixed bug introduced by 7bafc69f38a3512eb15aad506959a4e7be162e52.
    • d7623ae: [DomCrawler] Added test for supported encodings by mbstring
    • c812b9d: [Config] Fixed preserving keys in associative arrays
    • c869a65: [Console] Fixed return value for Command::run
    • 2ceebdc: fixed stringification of array objects in RequestDataCollector (closes #5295)
    • b8a2f8c: [HttpFoundation] removed the username and password from generated URL as generated by the Request class (closes #5555)
    • c4429af: [Console] fixed default argument display (closes #5563)
  • 2.1.2 (2012-09-20)

    • 7bafc69: Add a Sigchild compatibility mode (set to false by default)
    • 8dd19d8: fix Fatal error: Cannot access private property
    • 3269014: Added Bulgarian translation
    • de6658b: [Profiler]Use the abstract method to get client IP
  • 2.1.1 (2012-09-11)

    • fix Composer configuration
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