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updated CHANGELOG for 4.2.10

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fabpot committed Jun 26, 2019
1 parent 14b0409 commit 3b145df403d22ec7f7eb8835a641403d2e8bfbcb
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To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the change hash
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* 4.2.10 (2019-06-26)

* bug #31972 Add missing rendering of form help block. (alexsegura)
* bug #32137 [HttpFoundation] fix accessing session bags (xabbuh)
* bug #32164 [EventDispatcher] collect called listeners information only once (xabbuh)
* bug #32173 [FrameworkBundle] Fix calling Client::getProfile() before sending a request (dunglas)
* bug #32163 [DoctrineBridge] Fix type error (norkunas)
* bug #32170 [Security/Core] Don't use ParagonIE_Sodium_Compat (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #32094 [Validator] Use LogicException for missing Property Access Component in comparison constraints (Lctrs)
* bug #32123 [Form] fix translation domain (xabbuh)
* bug #32116 [FrameworkBundle] tag the FileType service as a form type (xabbuh)
* bug #32090 [Debug] workaround BC break in PHP 7.3 (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #32076 [Lock] Fix PDO prune not called (jderusse)
* bug #32071 Fix expired lock not cleaned (jderusse)
* bug #32057 [HttpFoundation] Fix SA/phpdoc JsonResponse (ro0NL)
* bug #32025 SimpleCacheAdapter fails to cache any item if a namespace is used (moufmouf)
* bug #32037 [Form] validate composite constraints in all groups (xabbuh)
* bug #32007 [Serializer] Handle true and false appropriately in CSV encoder (battye)
* bug #32000 [Routing] fix absolute url generation when scheme is not known (Tobion)
* bug #32024 [VarDumper] fix dumping objects that implement __debugInfo() (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #31962 Fix reporting unsilenced deprecations from insulated tests (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #31925 [Form] fix usage of legacy TranslatorInterface (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #31908 [Validator] fix deprecation layer of ValidatorBuilder (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #31894 Fix wrong requirements for ocramius/proxy-manager in root composer.json (henrikvolmer)
* bug #31865 [Form] Fix wrong DateTime on outdated ICU library (aweelex)
* bug #31879 [Cache] Pass arg to get callback everywhere (fancyweb)
* bug #31863 [HttpFoundation] Fixed case-sensitive handling of cache-control header in RedirectResponse constructor (Ivo)
* bug #31869 Fix json-encoding when JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR is used (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #31868 [HttpKernel] Fix handling non-catchable fatal errors (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #31860 [HttpFoundation] work around PHP 7.3 bug related to json_encode() (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #31407 [Security] added support for updated "distinguished name" format in x509 authentication (Robert Kopera)
* bug #31786 [Translation] Fixed case sensitivity of lint:xliff command (javiereguiluz)
* bug #31757 [DomCrawler] Fix type error with null Form::$currentUri (chalasr)
* bug #31654 [HttpFoundation] Do not set X-Accel-Redirect for paths outside of X-Accel-Mapping (vilius-g)
* 4.2.9 (2019-05-28)
* bug #31584 [Workflow] Do not trigger extra guards (lyrixx)

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