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updated CHANGELOG for 4.3.6

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fabpot committed Nov 1, 2019
1 parent 06e7458 commit 48373ab261461db730ef84093a92a26827972167
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* 4.3.6 (2019-11-01)

* bug #34198 [HttpClient] Fix perf issue when doing thousands of requests with curl (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33998 [Config] Disable default alphabet sorting in glob function due of unstable sort (hurricane-voronin)
* bug #34144 [Serializer] Improve messages for unexpected resources values (fancyweb)
* bug #34186 [HttpClient] always return the empty string when the response cannot have a body (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #34167 [HttpFoundation] Allow to not pass a parameter to Request::isMethodSafe() (dunglas)
* bug #33828 [DoctrineBridge] Auto-validation must work if no regex are passed (dunglas)
* bug #34080 [SecurityBundle] correct types for default arguments for firewall configs (shieldo)
* bug #34152 [Workflow] Made the configuration more robust for the 'property' key (lyrixx)
* bug #34154 [HttpClient] fix handling of 3xx with no Location header - ignore Content-Length when no body is expected (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #34140 [Security/Core] make NativePasswordEncoder use sodium to validate passwords when possible (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33999 [Form] Make sure to collect child forms created on *_SET_DATA events (yceruto)
* bug #34090 [WebProfilerBundle] Improve display in Email panel for dark theme (antograssiot)
* bug #34116 [HttpClient] ignore the body of responses to HEAD requests (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #32456 [Messenger] use database platform to convert correctly the DateTime (roukmoute)
* bug #34107 [Messenger] prevent infinite redelivery loops and blocked queues (Tobion)
* bug #32341 [Messenger] Show exceptions after multiple retries (TimoBakx)
* bug #34082 Revert "[Messenger] Fix exception message of failed message is dropped (Tobion)
* bug #34021 [TwigBridge] do not render errors for checkboxes twice (xabbuh)
* bug #34017 [Messenger] Fix ignored options in redis transport (chalasr)
* bug #34041 [HttpKernel] fix wrong removal of the just generated container dir (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #34024 [Routing] fix route loading with wildcard, but dir or file is empty (gseidel)
* bug #34023 [Dotenv] allow LF in single-quoted strings (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33818 [Yaml] Throw exception for tagged invalid inline elements (gharlan)
* bug #33994 [Mailer] Fix Mandrill Transport API payload for named addresses (Michaël Perrin)
* bug #33985 [HttpClient] workaround curl_multi_select() issue (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33948 [PropertyInfo] Respect property name case when guessing from public method name (antograssiot)
* bug #33962 [Cache] fixed TagAwareAdapter returning invalid cache (v-m-i)
* bug #33958 [DI] Add extra type check to php dumper (gquemener)
* bug #33965 [HttpFoundation] Add plus character `+` to legal mime subtype (ilzrv)
* bug #32943 [Dotenv] search variable values in ENV first then env file (soufianZantar)
* bug #33943 [VarDumper] fix resetting the "bold" state in CliDumper (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33936 [HttpClient] Missing argument in method_exists (detinkin)
* bug #33937 [Cache] ignore unserialization failures in AbstractTagAwareAdapter::doDelete() (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33935 [HttpClient] send `Accept: */*` by default, fix removing it when needed (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33922 [Cache] remove implicit dependency on symfony/filesystem (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33927 Allow to set SameSite config to 'none' (ihmels)
* bug #33930 [Cache] clean tags folder on invalidation (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #33919 [VarDumper] fix array key error for class SymfonyCaster (zcodes)
* bug #33885 [Form][DateTimeImmutableToDateTimeTransformer] Preserve microseconds and use \DateTime::createFromImmutable() when available (fancyweb)
* bug #33900 [HttpKernel] Fix to populate $dotenvVars in data collector when not using putenv() (mynameisbogdan)
* 4.3.5 (2019-10-07)
* bug #33742 [Crawler] document $default as string|null (nicolas-grekas)

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