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updated CHANGELOG for 4.2.5

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fabpot committed Apr 2, 2019
1 parent 4a6a925 commit 6c6e085d667926cf8fd8cf61239e0af24e683af7
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* 4.2.5 (2019-04-02)

* bug #30660 [Bridge][Twig] DebugCommand - fix escaping and filter (SpacePossum)
* bug #30784 [Translator] Add resource path to exception message for schema valida… (jschaedl)
* bug #30720 Fix getSetMethodNormalizer to correctly ignore the attributes specified in "ignored_attributes" (Emmanuel BORGES)
* bug #30749 [Serializer] Added check of constuctor modifiers to AbstractNormalizer (NekaKawaii)
* bug #30776 [Routing] Fix routes annotation loading with glob pattern (snoob)
* bug #30773 [DependencyInjection] Fix hardcoded hotPathTagName (jderusse)
* bug #30737 [Validator] Improve constraint default option check (vudaltsov)
* bug #30736 [Validator] Fix annotation default for @Count and @Length (vudaltsov)
* bug #30621 [Cache] Ensure key exists before checking array value (jrjohnson)
* bug #30711 [Serializer] Use object class resolver when extracting attributes (joelwurtz)
* bug #30641 [FrameworkBundle] properly describe service definitions without class (xabbuh)
* bug #30620 [FrameworkBundle][HttpFoundation] make session service resettable (dmaicher)
* bug #30648 Debug finalized config in debug:config (ro0NL)
* bug #30640 [Phpunit] fixed support for PHP 5.3 (fabpot)
* bug #30616 Fix case when multiple loaders are providing paths for the same namespace (yceruto)
* bug #30595 Do not validate child constraints if form has no validation groups (maryo)
* bug #30440 [TwigBridge] Fix DebugCommand when chain loader is involved (yceruto)
* bug #30479 Check if Client exists when test.client does not exist, to provide clearer exception message (SerkanYildiz)
* bug #30597 [Form] Added ResetInterface to CachingFactoryDecorator (HeahDude)
* bug #30593 Fixed usage of TranslatorInterface in form extension (fixes #30591) (althaus)
* feature #30584 [Intl] Add compile binary (ro0NL)
* bug #30487 Fix Cache error while using anonymous class (Emmanuel BORGES)
* bug #30576 [Cache] fix LockRegistry (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #30548 Correct language code for ukrainian language (stanleyk)
* bug #30518 [Cache] Fix perf when using RedisCluster by reducing roundtrips to the servers (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #30515 [Cache] Only delete one key at a time when on Predis + Cluster (andrerom)
* bug #30511 [Process] fix using argument $php of new PhpProcess() (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #30507 [Routing] Fixed XML options resolution (Jules Pietri)
* bug #30506 [TwigBridge] remove deprecation triggered when using Twig 2.7 (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #30496 [PHPUnit-Bridge] override some Composer environment variables (nicoweb)
* bug #30505 [TwigBridge] Remove usages of the spaceless tag (nicolas-grekas)
* bug #30466 [Messenger] Make 'headers' key optional for encoded messages (yceruto)
* bug #30474 compatibility with phpunit8 (garak)
* bug #30497 [HttpKernel] Change default log level for output streams (yceruto)
* bug #30498 [translation] Update defaut format from yml to yaml (GaryPEGEOT)
* bug #30490 Don't resolve the Deprecation error handler mode until a deprecation is triggered (Emmanuel BORGES)
* bug #30396 [Form] Avoid a form type extension appears many times in debug:form (markitosgv)
* bug #30361 [PropertyInfo] Fix undefined variable fromConstructor when passing context to getTypes (mantis)
* bug #30361 [PropertyInfo] Fix undefined variable fromConstructor when passing context to getTypes (mantis, OskarStark)
* bug #30410 [Monolog] Really reset logger when calling logger::reset() (lyrixx)
* bug #30437 [Debug] detect annotations before blank docblock lines (xabbuh)
* bug #30417 Autoconfig: don't automatically tag decorators (dunglas)
* bug #30392 [PropertyAccess] Fixed PropertyPathBuilder remove that fails to reset internal indexes (GregOriol)

* 4.2.4 (2019-03-03)

* bug #30383 [WebProfilerBundle] toolbar: invisible route name in Firefox (inmarelibero)

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