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minor #30447 Added translations for chineese language. (alfidinouhail)

This PR was submitted for the master branch but it was squashed and merged into the 3.4 branch instead (closes #30447).


Added translations for chineese language.

> Q	A
> Branch?	3.4
> Bug fix?	yes
> New feature?	no
> BC breaks?	no
> Deprecations?	no
> Tests pass?	yes
> Fixed tickets	#30447
> License    MIT


3be1850 Added translations for chineese language.
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fabpot committed Mar 5, 2019
2 parents e03545a + 3be1850 commit c5610fafdb457c1aba3de320695397260c156fc5
Showing with 20 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +20 −0 src/Symfony/Component/Validator/Resources/translations/validators.zh_CN.xlf
@@ -310,10 +310,30 @@
<source>This value does not match the expected {{ charset }} charset.</source>
<target>该值不符合 {{ charset }} 编码。</target>
<trans-unit id="81">
<source>This is not a valid Business Identifier Code (BIC).</source>
<trans-unit id="82">
<trans-unit id="83">
<source>This is not a valid UUID.</source>
<trans-unit id="84">
<source>This value should be a multiple of {{ compared_value }}.</source>
<target>此值应为 {{ compared_value }} 的倍数。</target>
<trans-unit id="85">
<source>This Business Identifier Code (BIC) is not associated with IBAN {{ iban }}.</source>
<target>此业务标识符代码(BIC)与IBAN {{ iban }} 无关。</target>
<trans-unit id="86">
<source>This value should be valid JSON.</source>

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