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minor #30308 [Validator] Added missing translations pt_BR (felipyamorim)

This PR was merged into the 3.4 branch.


[Validator] Added missing translations pt_BR

| Q | A |
| Branch? | 3.4
| Bug fix? | no
|New feature?	| no
|BC breaks?	| no
|Deprecations?	|no
|Tests pass?	| yes
|Fixed tickets	| #30182
|License	| MIT

Added missing translations.


19ca344 [Validator] Added missing translations pt_BR
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nicolas-grekas committed Feb 20, 2019
2 parents 31bfded + 19ca344 commit df0fc5ee72fd3156067d400a784306721b4e5cd4
Showing with 20 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +20 −0 src/Symfony/Component/Validator/Resources/translations/validators.pt_BR.xlf
@@ -314,6 +314,26 @@
<source>This is not a valid Business Identifier Code (BIC).</source>
<target>Este não é um Código Identificador Bancário (BIC) válido.</target>
<trans-unit id="82">
<trans-unit id="83">
<source>This is not a valid UUID.</source>
<target>Este não é um UUID válido.</target>
<trans-unit id="84">
<source>This value should be a multiple of {{ compared_value }}.</source>
<target>Este valor deve ser múltiplo de {{ compared_value }}.</target>
<trans-unit id="85">
<source>This Business Identifier Code (BIC) is not associated with IBAN {{ iban }}.</source>
<target>Este Código Identificador Bancário (BIC) não está associado ao IBAN {{ iban }}.</target>
<trans-unit id="86">
<source>This value should be valid JSON.</source>
<target>Este valor deve ser um JSON válido.</target>

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