FlattenException class not found. #10313

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I have some weird issue with FlattenException. I tried to fix it myself but after few hours of thinking what can be wrong I didn't come to anything.

What I found out is that the FlattenException create method is called, with ClassNotFound exception as the first argument, with message that the FlattenException class is not found.

It sounds like a non-sense.

Actually I know what is wrong in my business logic code. I have a class that has incompatible method declaration with the parent class. I know it because I printed the exception stack in ExceptionHandler::createResponse. Then there is FlattenException::create method called which causes ClassNotFoundException, even it actually go into the create method.

The error message is

ClassNotFoundException: Attempted to load class "FlattenException" from namespace "Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception" in /var/www/grocery/src/Potato/LocationBundle/Adapter/LocationEntity.php line 0. Do you need to "use" it from another namespace? Perhaps you need to add a use statement for one of the following: Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\FlattenException, Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FlattenException.

LocationEntity.php on line 0?

It is not a true of course.

When I comment out the FlattenException::create line, then Symfony doesn't print anything.

I tried to find the reason and fix it myself but I gave up. It may be even a PHP bug.

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Would you mind to reproduce your issue on a fork of Standard Edition? Would help us to debug.

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Closing as there is no feedback.

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Just run into this same exception after adding a form to my controller:

ClassNotFoundException: Attempted to load class "FlattenException" from namespace "Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception" in /vagrant/src/Rgrs/ContestBundle/Controller/DefaultController.php line 28. Do you need to "use" it from another namespace? Perhaps you need to add a use statement for one of the following: Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FlattenException, Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\FlattenException.

Here's the controller:


namespace Rgrs\ContestBundle\Controller;

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller;
use Sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\Configuration\Route;
use Sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\Configuration\Method;

 *  @Route("/")
class DefaultController extends BaseController
    * @Route("", name="homepage_action")
    * @Method({"GET"})
    public function indexAction(Request $request)
        $entity = new \Rgrs\ContestBundle\Entity\ContestEntryGCaptcha();
        $contestForm = $this->createForm(new \Rgrs\ContestBundle\Form\ContestEntryGCaptchaForm(), $entity);

        return $this->render('RgrsContestBundle:Default:index.html.twig', array("form" => $contestForm->createView()));

Symfony version 2.4.4


Not extending BaseController (my code) by switching to Controller fixed it.

@jakzal jakzal reopened this Apr 28, 2014
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@radekz2 would you mind forking Symfony Standard Edition and recreating this issue on a branch? Controller alone is not enough to reproduce.


Not a problem, will update this as soon as I have some results, may take me couple of days.


Which version of the debug component do you have?
I suspect you're hit by https://bugs.php.net/42098
Version 2.5 should have a proper workaround, tell me if it works with you.


How do I get that version number?

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composer show -i will show you the versions of all packages installed through composer


Here's what I see

doctrine/annotations                 v1.1.2             Docblock Annotations Parser
doctrine/cache                       v1.3.0             Caching library offering an object-oriented API for many cache backends
doctrine/collections                 v1.2               Collections Abstraction library
doctrine/common                      v2.4.1             Common Library for Doctrine projects
doctrine/dbal                        v2.4.2             Database Abstraction Layer
doctrine/doctrine-bundle             v1.2.0             Symfony DoctrineBundle
doctrine/inflector                   v1.0               Common String Manipulations with regard to casing and singular/plural rules.
doctrine/lexer                       v1.0               Base library for a lexer that can be used in Top-Down, Recursive Descent Parsers.
doctrine/orm                         v2.4.2             Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP
excelwebzone/recaptcha-bundle        dev-master d08f803 This bundle provides easy reCAPTCHA form field integration
gregwar/captcha                      v1.0.11            Captcha generator
gregwar/captcha-bundle               dev-master 7c38520 Captcha bundle
incenteev/composer-parameter-handler v2.1.0             Composer script handling your ignored parameter file
jdorn/sql-formatter                  v1.2.17            a PHP SQL highlighting library
kriswallsmith/assetic                v1.1.2             Asset Management for PHP
monolog/monolog                      1.9.1              Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services
psr/log                              1.0.0              Common interface for logging libraries
sensio/distribution-bundle           v2.3.4             The base bundle for the Symfony Distributions
sensio/framework-extra-bundle        v3.0.0             This bundle provides a way to configure your controllers with annotations
sensio/generator-bundle              v2.3.4             This bundle generates code for you
swiftmailer/swiftmailer              v5.1.0             Swiftmailer, free feature-rich PHP mailer
symfony/assetic-bundle               v2.3.0             Integrates Assetic into Symfony2
symfony/icu                          v1.2.1             Contains an excerpt of the ICU data and classes to load it.
symfony/monolog-bundle               v2.5.1             Symfony MonologBundle
symfony/swiftmailer-bundle           v2.3.7             Symfony SwiftmailerBundle
symfony/symfony                      v2.4.4             The Symfony PHP framework
twig/extensions                      v1.0.1             Common additional features for Twig that do not directly belong in core
twig/twig                            v1.15.1            Twig, the flexible, fast, and secure template language for PHP
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symfony/symfony v2.4.4 means you have the 2.4.4 version of the Debug component (which is a subpart of the fullstack framework).
@nicolas-grekas opened a PR to fix the issue in 2.3 (which will be applied to 2.4 after the merge) in #10817


Ok great thanks!

@fabpot fabpot added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2014
@fabpot fabpot bug #10817 [Debug] fix #10313: FlattenException not found (nicolas-gr…

This PR was merged into the 2.3 branch.


[Debug] fix #10313: FlattenException not found

| Q             | A
| ------------- | ---
| Bug fix?      | yes
| New feature?  | no
| BC breaks?    | no
| Deprecations? | no
| Tests pass?   | yes
| Fixed tickets | #10313
| License       | MIT
| Doc PR        | none

Note that this patch should be ignored while merging into 2.5/master (it will conflict because 2.5/master has a much stronger workaround, not suitable for a minor release IMHO).


b147cfa [Debug] fix #10313: FlattenException not found because of https://bugs.php.net/42098
@fabpot fabpot added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2014
@fabpot fabpot Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4
* 2.3:
  [Debug] fix #10313: FlattenException not found because of https://bugs.php.net/42098
@fabpot fabpot closed this Apr 30, 2014
@fabpot fabpot added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2014
@fabpot fabpot Merge branch '2.4'
* 2.4:
  [Debug] fix #10313: FlattenException not found because of https://bugs.php.net/42098
@fabpot fabpot added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2014
@fabpot fabpot Revert "bug #10817 [Debug] fix #10313: FlattenException not found (ni…

reverted in 2.5 as it does not make sense here.

This reverts commit c18bf19, reversing
changes made to 585b61d.

@radekz2 can you please confirm that the proposed patch fixes the issue?
The easiest way to do that might be to replace your vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Debug/ErrorHandler.php file with https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nicolas-grekas/symfony/b147cfaf15492660d6d878d6815512943446401b/src/Symfony/Component/Debug/ErrorHandler.php


I've copied the file and got a proper exception that helped me fix the actual code issue.

Applying this patch fixes the issue.

Thank you!

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