[RC4] [Doctrine] MappingException in doctrine:generate:entities #1550

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Hi there,
recent RC4 fails to generate entities for me when using stofs StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle with following message:


No identifier/primary key specified for Entity 'Stof\DoctrineExtensionsBundle\Entity\Translation'. Every Entity must have an
identifier/primary key.

This seems to be caused by Translation inheriting its id from AbstractTranslation and EntityGenerator not handling this correctly (according to stof..)
Is this known? If not, can this be fixed? (According to DDC-904 this should have been fixed long time ago, so why is this still in RC4)?

stof commented Jul 6, 2011

This is absolutely not an issue in Symfony but in Doctrine. And yes, it is known that the EntityGenerator does not handle inheritance properly.


I know this is not purely symfony related. I've searched your own Issues (which where lost during Bundle renaming) and the Doctrine JIRA. As mentioned, Doctrine claims this to be fixed since DDC-904 (and they refer to a missing page on symfony-reloaded about some config changes).
So I thought this could be related to the Symfony2 doctrine bundle, but maybe this is still present in upstream.

fabpot commented Jul 6, 2011

@BigBadBassMan: Can you create a ticket on Doctrine JIRA? (add a reference to this ticket and DDC-904). Thanks.

@fabpot fabpot closed this Jul 6, 2011

is now being tracked @Doctrine JIRA as DDC-1254

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