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Cannot connect via Doctrine/PostgreSQL/unix_socket #1788

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This is an issue with Symfony 2.0 RC6. Please refer to vendor/doctrine-dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/PDOPgSql/Driver.php at the _constructPdoDsn method.

In order to connect via unix socket, the "host=" parameter of the dsn must be absent. For example:

(works) pgsql: dbname=dbname user=user password=password

If "host=" is present, even if it is empty, it will not connect via socket.

(does not work) pgsql: host= dbname=dbname user=user password=password

Symfony provides a default host setting ("localhost"). In order to remove this default, I have to set my host to an empty string. This empty string is then being sent along to the PDO driver, which results in "host=" being added to the dsn. As far as I can tell, there is no way to tell Symfony to completely omit the host parameter.

Proposed solutions:
1. When parsing the configuration, check for an empty host and remove the "host" key before sending the parameters array to the db driver
2. or, modify the _constructPdoDsn method to only include "host" if it is not empty:

        if (isset($params['host']) && $params['host'] != '') {
            $dsn .= 'host=' . $params['host'] . ' ';

I verified I can connect properly after implementing the 2nd solution. I leave it to you to decide which solution is more correct.


I also tend to prefer the second solution as it makes Doctrine more robust. @beberlei: What do you think?

@beberlei beberlei closed this
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