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[Form] Idea about a new type: hidden_entity #1946

Gregwar opened this Issue Aug 12, 2011 · 5 comments

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Gregwar commented Aug 12, 2011


I thought about a new type of field type which can solve several problems i met on the user group.

The idea is to create an "hidden_entity" type which is just an hidden id in the form, and an entity fetched in the database by the DataTransformer. Here are two example of use:

The transport entity case

Imagine you have a comment which should be attached to an article. In the page, you'll maybe have your form posting to a special URL like /addComment/{article_id}, and then fetch back the article from the URL.

With hidden_entity, this would be way simplied since you'd just have to put the following on your comment form:

$builder->add('article', 'hidden_entity');

And populate if from the controller when rendering the form:

$form = $this->createForm(new CommentType(), $comment);

The "JS-UI" case

Just imagine you want your user to select something among a very large set of data, like a city, and use some complex JavaScript UI like autocompletion, dynamic map etc. The current symfony's entity will generate a containing the whole entries from the database, which is not acceptable in this case. Using hidden_entity, you can easily add an hidden id to your form and your free to do whatever you want to fill it. Hoping for feedbacks about this idea, I already wrote a prototype of this :

marcw commented Aug 12, 2011

Yes, I think we need this. Working with entities & hidden fields is currently a pain. Could you please make a pull request ?

Gregwar commented Aug 12, 2011

OK I will

marcw commented Aug 12, 2011

btw, I don't think we only want an hidden field. I'm currently having the case where a input="text" is the thing I really need. Thus, I think you'll need to provide an option to handle that

Gregwar commented Aug 12, 2011

How would I call this then ?
entity_id ?

@Gregwar Gregwar added a commit to Gregwar/symfony that referenced this issue Aug 12, 2011
@Gregwar Gregwar [Form] Added the entity_id type (#1946) 05a064a
Gregwar commented Aug 12, 2011

You can have a look at the PR 1951 now

@Gregwar Gregwar closed this Aug 12, 2011
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