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Distributionbundle is off and WebProfile on = crash #4016

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It seems that whenever i have DistributionBundle off and WebProfilerBundle on Symfony crashes ALMOST always with the following error:

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.
1/1 RuntimeException: Cannot dump definitions which have method calls.

in D:\Localhost\www\won\vendor\symfony\symfony\src\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\PhpDumper.php line 997
at PhpDumper->dumpValue(object(Definition)) in D:\Localhost\www\won\vendor\symfony\symfony\src\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\PhpDumper.php line 379
at PhpDumper->addServiceMethodCalls('profiler', object(Definition)) in D:\Localhost\www\won\vendor\symfony\symfony\src\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\PhpDumper.php line 540
at PhpDumper->addService('profiler', object(Definition)) in D:\Localhost\www\won\vendor\symfony\symfony\src\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\PhpDumper.php line 598
at PhpDumper->addServices() in D:\Localhost\www\won\vendor\symfony\symfony\src\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Dumper\PhpDumper.php line 95
at PhpDumper->dump(array('class' => 'appDevDebugProjectContainer', 'base_class' => 'Container')) in D:\Localhost\www\won\app\bootstrap.php.cache line 909
at Kernel->dumpContainer(object(ConfigCache), object(ContainerBuilder), 'appDevDebugProjectContainer', 'Container') in D:\Localhost\www\won\app\bootstrap.php.cache line 804
at Kernel->initializeContainer() in D:\Localhost\www\won\app\bootstrap.php.cache line 525
at Kernel->boot() in D:\Localhost\www\won\app\bootstrap.php.cache line 568
at Kernel->handle(object(Request)) in D:\Localhost\www\won\web\app_dev.php line 25

I've got a similar issue, did you manage to get what was wrong here ?


Nope, Those 2 bundles go way over my head.
But im 100% sure something is wrong in the bundles themselves.
Removing cache or rebooting apache does not fix it.

Only turning DistributionBundle on.


I'm also having this issue.

Commenting SensioDistributionBundle fixes the problem, but commenting another different Bundle also fixes it.




I'm not able to reproduce. As quite a few has the same problem, anyone able to send me an archive with a minimal project that has this issue (with the master branch of Symfony and Symfony SE)? Thanks.


I think this bug is related to APC. I was having this problem again but it disappeared after clearing APC cache.


So, I'm closing this issue.

@fabpot fabpot closed this

I have APC disabled and still this is happening. Minimal test case is very difficult as the project configuration is complex and, as you said, with the Standard Edition it is not reproducable. I have been trying to slowly get SE to a point where the error occurs, but so far unsuccessful.
However, closed is fine by me for now, when I have a test case, I will reopen this issue.


@YetiCGN Thanks for the feedback.


More info: I commented on an issue with Doctrine on this (doctrine/DoctrineBundle#45 (comment)), but the fix seems to suggest that it's a Symfony problem. However, this bug is very elusive. I cannot reproduce it after reverting the fixes described below.

Commenting either the "throw new \RuntimeException" in vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/DependencyInjection/Dumper/PhpDumper.php line 993 and returning null or commenting out service id="templating.helper.form" in vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Resources/config/templating_php.xml did the trick.

Note, this is only a workaround but maybe it leads to the right point in the code. Good luck hunting that bug!

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