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With form collections, we use Javascript to add the new fields and Symfony handles the rest.

In the following example, Office has a many-to-many with Contact.

When attempting the same approach in functional tests, e.g. by doing:

    $form = $buttonCrawlerNode->form(array(
            'company_whateverbundle_officetype[office_contacts][0][contact]' => '1'

The actual result is:

InvalidArgumentException: The form field "company_whateverbundle_officetype[office_contacts][0][contact]" does not exist.

The expected result is that a new contact is added.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a couple of entities with a many-to-many association between them.
  2. Create a form with a collection field to edit the associations.
  3. Create a functional test and try to create a new association with it.

Same deal with collections of "file" entities when calling:

stof commented Apr 26, 2012

Are you setting the allow_add option to true for the CollectionType ?


Yes, it works fine in dev/prod environments.


Hi @gzankevich, did you managed it?


Issue still persists. I'll try it out on a clean installation and see what happens.

r4cker commented Jul 24, 2012

I am facing the same problem.

  • Works fine in dev/prod
  • allow_add set to TRUE

@gzankevich Did you find what happend?


I've created a Gist containing all of the code necessary to reproduce the problem:



I'll try submitting the form with a $client->request('POST', $data).

Not optimal, but it should at least let me test the controller.

sstok commented Feb 7, 2013

I was facing this problem to today, I actually needed to remove a row from the collection 😄

But found I little trick to make this work.

$form = $crawler->selectButton('save')->form();
    'customer_invoice_form[customer]' => 'C0001',
    'customer_invoice_form[address]'  => "274 Rose avenue US\n212-35 OKMontgomery",

    'customer_invoice_form[items][0][number]'        => 1,
    'customer_invoice_form[items][0][label]'         => 'Domainreg',
    'customer_invoice_form[items][0][period][start]' => '01-01-2013',
    'customer_invoice_form[items][0][period][end]'   => '01-12-2013',
    'customer_invoice_form[items][0][price]'         => '20,00',
    'customer_invoice_form[items][0][taxPercent]'    => '21,10',

// Now do what ever you want with the $values.
$values = $form->getPhpValues();

$client->request($form->getMethod(), $form->getUri(), $values, $form->getPhpFiles());

I have the same problem: I'm using knockout to render a form client-side with javascript instead of rendering it with twig, however I can't submit any form which has inputs that don't exist. The problem is clear: the inputs are rendered client-side, so when I try to use the crawler to get them and change their values obviously it can't find them. There should be a way in the Symfony testing framework to submit data that isn't part of the form

sstok commented Mar 15, 2013

@ste93cry Try my method ;)


+1 @sstok. That is the way to go in phpunit.

fnagel commented Feb 20, 2014

@sstok Is your workaround supposed to work in Symfony 2.3.x?

fnagel commented Feb 20, 2014

Ok, here's another workaround:

$form = $crawler->filter('form .submit-button .btn-primary')->form();
$formData = array(
    'step2Type[positions][0][property1]' => '1',
    'step2Type[positions][0][property2]' => 'xyz',

$this->client->request($form->getMethod(), $form->getUri(), $form->getPhpValues(), $form->getPhpFiles(), array(), http_build_query($formData))

I have field than as formed with the name like

And no workarounds works.
I can't change the field name has it's on a service I don't control...

wouterj commented Aug 11, 2014

This seems more like a mailinglist item than a bug/feature report afaics.

jakzal commented May 12, 2015

re #3824


I've faced the same a few times now and ignored it ill now.. Still no solution there? The workarounds don't seem to work for me neither

sstok commented Jul 23, 2015

Are property-paths, a property-path cannot be used for the DOMCrawler.

fnagel's solution works as it doesn't actually use the DOMCrawler but creates the request directly instead.

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