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[DomCrawler] FileFormField::setValue ignores file extension #4674

zapletalitstudio opened this Issue Jun 28, 2012 · 3 comments


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This function creates unique temp name, so it doesn't preserve name and extension of file passed in $value param. It's a problem if using DomCrawler to simulate file uploads (Behat + Mink). Can you fix it or is there any solution now? Thanks


fabpot commented Jul 10, 2012

This is the same behavior as PHP. The tmp_name is a random string that does not contain the original file extension, but the name entry is the name of the uploaded file with the extension included.

@fabpot fabpot closed this Jul 10, 2012


hason commented Aug 17, 2012

@fabpot, @everzet: The problem is that DOMCrawler simulates HTTP request only on server side. But if we want create request on client side (for example for Goutte), DOMCrawler doesn't allowed to create new file with random name, but it have to use original file. I suggest this changes:


     * Upload the file of the field.
     * @param string $value The value of the field
     * @api
    public function upload($value)
        if (null !== $value && is_readable($value)) {
            $error = UPLOAD_ERR_OK;
            $size = filesize($value);
            $name = basename($value);

            // copy to a tmp location
            $tmp = tempnam(sys_get_temp_dir(), 'upload');
            copy($value, $tmp);
            $value = $tmp;
        } else {
            $error = UPLOAD_ERR_NO_FILE;
            $size = 0;
            $name = '';
            $value = '';

        $this->value = array('name' => $name, 'type' => '', 'tmp_name' => $value, 'error' => $error, 'size' => $size);

     * Sets the value of the field.
     * @param string $value The value of the field
    public function setValue($value, $raw = false)
        if ($raw) {
        } else {


    protected function addPostFiles($request, array $files, $arrayName = '')
        if (!$request instanceof EntityEnclosingRequestInterface) {

        foreach ($files as $name => $info) {
            if (!empty($arrayName)) {
                $name = $arrayName . '[' . $name . ']';

            if (isset($info['tmp_name']) && '' !== $info['tmp_name']) {
                $request->addPostFile($name, $info['tmp_name']);
            } elseif (is_array($info)) {
                $this->addPostFiles($request, $info, $name);
+          } else {
+              $request->addPostFile($name, $info);
+          }


     * Attaches file path to file field located by it's XPath query.
     * @param string $xpath
     * @param string $path
    public function attachFile($xpath, $path)
        $this->getFormField($xpath)->setValue($path, true);

What do you think? Can I prepare pull request?

@fabpot fabpot added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 14, 2012

@fabpot fabpot merged branch hason/crawler (PR #5407)
This PR was merged into the master branch.


c902966 [DomCrawler] Added ability to set file as raw path to file field


[2.2][DomCrawler] Added ability to set file as raw path to file field

Bug fix: no
Feature addition: yes
Backwards compatibility break: no
Symfony2 tests pass: yes
License of the code: MIT

For description see #4674 (#4674 (comment))

Related PRs:



by stof at 2012-10-13T21:53:27Z

@fabpot anything missing here ?

@hason hason referenced this issue in minkphp/MinkGoutteDriver Oct 16, 2012


Attach file as path to file #7

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