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make Translation:update Command more robust #5500

Gladhon opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Nowadays i'm often getting Error's if I try to update translation-file like this:

Attribute "value" does not exist for Node "Twig_Node_Expression_GetAttr".

It seem's it come's from dynamic part of a transaltion. The Problem is, that it abort on the first twig error, it would be nice if the command run through and make what he can make. --ignore-expetions

Or just get in a prefix-viewfolder as argument:

    $extractor->extract($foundBundle->getPath().'/Resources/views/'.$viewfolder, $catalogue);

Can you provide more information on how to reproduce this?
I cannot seem to break it in the way you mentioned


@Gladhon Could you please provide some feedback on this? A small sample of the text that you want to translate or a quick gist should be very helpful.



It seem's to five problems, if I do translation with variables.

{{ value.value|trans({}, "Forms") }} 
{{ ('my.'~var) |trans({}, "Forms") }} 

You can't extract anything from the above template as extractor doesn't run the code, so naturally this would be missing from translation anyway. JMSTranslationBundle solves this but you'll have to provide all the cases from php code.


It's okay, that's extractor don't can extraxt the translations above. But, it's would be nice if it's extract all translations that it can do and not abort with a Exception.


I tried to get this error by:

  • adding {{ (test~'test')|trans }} in a template
  • launching ./app/console translation:uodate SensioTestingBundle --dump-messages command

I tried different tags of the 2.1 branch but I cant get any error, my message is just ignored.
That said I already saw the error mentioned when making tests with trans_default_domain tag.

@Gladhon The #7206 could hav solved your problem. Could you update and try again?


Ping @Gladhon

if (composer update solved your problem) {
    please close the issue;
} else {
    do you have some precisions about it?



ping @Gladhon , i am also confirming this has been fixed in master, if your problem persists please reopen ticket

@cordoval cordoval closed this
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