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md81 commented Jan 10, 2013

In entity I use:
@UniqueEntity(fields={"email"}, groups={"new", "edit"})

but i have a problem when I try validate in edit mode.
When I submit form with not changed email field, then I get error "This value is already used."

stof commented Jan 10, 2013

@md81 Are you updating the managed entity or a new instance in your edit action ?

md81 commented Jan 10, 2013

In update action, I use managed entity, like this:
$editForm = $this->createForm($formType, $entity);


Hmm, I often have the same problem, but at this moment I can't find any code to paste.

md81 commented Jan 14, 2013

Does anyone know how to fix it?

md81 commented Jan 15, 2013

I've found clue.

Problem exists only in case with cascade validation.

when I use in EditType:
->add('email', 'email')

validation is ok,
but problem is when I use:
->add('userEdit', new UserEditType(), array(
'validation_groups'=>array('edit', 'company'),

where UserEditType contain:
->add('email', 'email')


The problem also exists when you use a different EntityManager in constraint :
@UniqueEntity(fields="name", em="my_custom_em").

kor3k commented Feb 11, 2013

i have this issue with FOSUserBundle's ProfileFormType. i am using non-default entity manager and it gives me same results while editing/updating.

kor3k commented Feb 11, 2013

the problem seems to be in
line 120:

$entity === ($result instanceof \Iterator ? $result->current() : current($result))

current($result) returns false here, because the $result array is not rewound.

there is a rewind for \Iterator on line 112:

    if ($result instanceof \Iterator) {

so change it to

    if ($result instanceof \Iterator) {
    else if (is_array($result)) {
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if the repository method returns an array ensure that it's internal poin...

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0610750 if the repository method returns an array ensure that it's internal poin...
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