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Wrong choices appear in "entity" field type added by event listener #6787

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I've found what appears to be a bug when creating a complex form with

I've created a demo application that you can use to reproduce the issue:

The file describes the bug:

In this project, I have a top level form type for editing a sales
order (SalesOrderType). SalesOrderType has a collection of form types
for editing the line items in the order (LineItemType). Each line item
is for a fixed stock item. (The stock item is fixed to simplify the
demo.) Each line item also allows you to choose an optional
customization for that item; the customization choices depend on the
stock item. The customization selector is implemented using the
built-in "entity" form type, and is added to the form using an event
listener because the customization choices depend on the stock item.

What you'll see, if you set up and run the demo, is that the
customization options are wrong for one of the line items. Because
each line item is for a different stock item, they should have
different customization choices, but they do not.

The demo application also includes a screenshot of the problem.


Without looking at the problem closely, it's maybe related to #6456.


@ianfp Does this problem still exist? The cause of #6456 was reverted, so this may have been fixed too.


The problem no longer exists -- it's been fixed. Thanks all!

@ianfp ianfp closed this
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