[Request] Added a getBaseServerUrl() function #4312

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COil commented May 17, 2012

This a clean PR related to #3416

(old PR should be closed)

Bug fix: [no]
Feature addition: [yes]
Backwards compatibility break: [yes]
Symfony2 tests pass: [yes]
Fixes the following tickets: [#3416, #3056]
Todo: [doc ?]
License of the code: MIT
Documentation PR: []


This pull request passes (merged b7e63cb into e351c9f).

Tobion commented May 17, 2012

The word server has nothing to do with the request. So the name is not good.
In terms of the URI spec it should probably be named getSchemeAuthority.

COil commented May 24, 2012

@Tobion getSchemeAuthority sounds quite complicated to me. @stof ?

COil commented May 26, 2012

If we want to be logical with the actual request class, if should be named: getSchemeAndHost

COil commented Jun 7, 2012

Ping ! :)

@fabpot fabpot closed this in df8d94e Jun 28, 2012
@fabpot fabpot added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 28, 2012
@fabpot fabpot merged branch fabpot/request-methods (PR #4679)

df8d94e added Request::getSchemeAndHttpHost() and Request::getUserInfo() (closes #4312, refs #3416, refs #3056)


added Request::getSchemeAndHttpHost() and Request::getUserInfo()

see #4312


by travisbot at 2012-06-28T15:22:03Z

This pull request [fails](http://travis-ci.org/symfony/symfony/builds/1730172) (merged 598bd56f into 0d27570).


by Seldaek at 2012-06-28T15:22:35Z

Why not just `getSchemeAndHost`? That sounds long enough, and is fairly explicit given the context.


by fabpot at 2012-06-28T15:25:34Z

@Seldaek because (and that's probably unfortunate) we have both `getHost()` and `getHttpHost()`. The former does not include the port whereas the latter does.


by Seldaek at 2012-06-28T15:26:42Z

Ok makes sense.


by travisbot at 2012-06-28T16:11:16Z

This pull request [fails](http://travis-ci.org/symfony/symfony/builds/1730630) (merged df8d94e into 884a826).
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