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This is my latest patch for adding alternate base asset URLs for HTTP and SSL requests. I've reworked my previous patch so we retain the formal asset package class now. I've also moved the cache-busting logic to the asset package class, which now accepts a version format argument. This defaults to %s?%s which is the same as the current behavior (i.e. css/main.css?1234) but you can configure an alternate format if you know what you're doing (i.e. release-%2$s/%1$s would output release-1234/css/main.css).

kriswallsmith added some commits Apr 13, 2011
@kriswallsmith kriswallsmith [Templating] refactored AssetsHelper and AssetPackage, added AssetPac…
…kageInterface::versionize($path) and implemented it using a configurable format string
@kriswallsmith kriswallsmith [FrameworkBundle] added templating config for version_format and alte…
…rnate HTTP/SSL base URLs

i'm closing this and will break it into smaller branches

ghost commented May 28, 2011

hi @kriswallsmith, anything new about option to configure version format?


Yes, #1047.

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