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[Process] Add ability to force unescaping + tweaks (code & test) #6793

wants to merge 7 commits into from

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vicb commented Jan 18, 2013
Bug fix? no
New feature? yes
BC breaks? yes
Deprecations? no
Tests pass? yes
Fixed tickets -
License MIT
Doc PR Not sure if we want to document this ? If yes, I'll update if accepted.

'ogr2ogr' '-f GeoJSON' would not work
'ogr2ogr' -f GeoJSON would work

The first commit has the interesting updates, other commits are tweaks only. Everything should be squashed before the merge.

vicb added some commits Jan 18, 2013
@vicb vicb [Process] Ability to prevent escaping in the ProcessBuilder
'ogr2ogr' 'out' 'in' '-f GeoJSON' would not work
'ogr2ogr' 'out' 'in' -f GeoJSON would work
@vicb vicb [Process] Tweaks 5547e9b
@vicb vicb [Process] Update the CHANGELOG 71b6dbe

missing closing curly brace for the previous method (a bad conflict resolution ?)

vicb replied Jan 18, 2013

Well everything is fine globaly but the commit are splitted to make it easier to understand and the split is not perfect !

Symfony member
stof replied Jan 18, 2013

yeah, I saw it when going back to the PR instead of individual commits


@stof how could you have missed this one, tired ? ;)

vicb commented Jan 18, 2013

What about using 0instead of null to disable the timeout, it would be more consistent with other things (ie cache).
We could support BC with (integer) $timeout.

vicb commented Jan 23, 2013

@fabpot could this be in 2.2 ?

vicb commented Jan 31, 2013

pong @fabpot, it would really help one of my projects !

Symfony member

@vicb you have to consider -f and GeoJSON has two arguments. Running 'ogr2ogr' '-f' 'GeoJSON' should work fine.

vicb commented May 11, 2013

@romainneutron you are absolutely right, thanks.

@vicb vicb closed this May 11, 2013
@vicb vicb deleted the vicb:procbuilder/unescaped branch May 11, 2013
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