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xphere commented Jul 23, 2013

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I often found myself extending YamlFileLoader to add custom routing options, and I think it's quite hard to avoid duplicating the whole class. Validation of routes is a must, and I'd like to extend the default one with more keys, but this can't be done because declaration is private static and static binding is used. I think it would be nice to have an easy way to extend from this class.

Some solutions come to mind:

  • Change $availableKeys visibility to protected and use late static binding instead of self::$availableKeys.
    This way is easier to replace with new keys, but harder to add to current ones.
  • Extract keys to a protected method, say getAvailableKeys.
    Allows for easy replacement and extension, by calling parent::getAvailableKeys and mix with the new ones.
  • Create a Symfony/Config object in a protected method, and let derived classes to extend it.
    This brings even more power (validation and conversion) but couples Routing to Config components for a little profit.

I attach the code for the second solution (extraction to protected method).
This is an easy patch, but I would love to hear some opinions in the subject.

+ *
+ * @return array
+ */
+ protected function getAvailableKeys()

entering Jul 23, 2013


static method? and then static::getAvailableKeys()


xphere Jul 24, 2013


Sorry if I'm missing something, but I can't see the benefits of that. Could you elaborate, please? I think a non-static method serves better for extending. I can imagine, for example, multiple instances of this class behaving different based on some construction parameters.


entering Jul 24, 2013


"I can imagine, for example, multiple instances of this class behaving different based on some construction parameters."

Good point, commented because you were passing a private static var to a non static method.


fabpot commented Sep 27, 2013

The way to add custom routing options is to actually add them under the existing options item.

@fabpot fabpot closed this Sep 27, 2013

@xphere xphere deleted the xphere-forks:easy-yaml-loader-extension branch Dec 23, 2014

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