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Pull request Compare This branch is 198 commits ahead of 4.4.
nicolas-grekas Merge branch '4.4'
* 4.4: (43 commits)
  [PhpunitBridge] Read environment variable from superglobals
  [Bridge/PhpUnit] Fix PHP5.5 compat
  [PhpUnitBridge] More accurate grouping
  fixed CS
  [Form] remove comment about to-be-removed method as it is used in master by ButtonBuilder
  Extract unrecoverable exception to interface
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix calling Client::getProfile() before sending a request
  Fix type error
  [Security/Core] require libsodium >= 1.0.14
  [Workflow] re-add workflow.definition tag to workflow services
  [Security/Core] Don't use ParagonIE_Sodium_Compat
  revert #30525 due to performance penalty
  collect called listeners information only once
  [Lock] fix missing inherit docs in RedisStore
  [Messenger] fix retrying handlers using DoctrineTransactionMiddleware
  [Mailgun Mailer] fixed issue when using html body
  [Messenger] make all stamps final and mark stamp not meant to be sent
  [HttpClient] fix timing measurements with NativeHttpClient
  add return type declaration
  use proper return types in ErrorHandler and ArgumentResolver
Latest commit f8ccc81 Jun 26, 2019
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FrameworkBundle Merge branch '4.4' Jun 26, 2019
WebProfilerBundle feature #31996 [5.0] Add return types in final classes (dFayet) Jun 23, 2019
WebServerBundle Bump deps to ^4.4|^5.0 for Symfony 5.0 May 28, 2019
FullStack.php [FrameworkBundle] changed some default configs from canBeEnabled to c… Jan 7, 2017
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