Commits on Feb 14, 2017
  1. Merge branch '3.2'

    * 3.2: (27 commits)
      Improve tracking of environment variables in the case of private services
      [DI] Align AutowirePass with 2.8
      property constraints can be added in child classes
      added test for staticClassLoader in LazyLoadingMetadatafactory
      fixed PHPUnit setUp and tearDown method visibility
      spelling fixes
      Readd Symfony version status in the toolbar
      [Security] LdapUserProvider should not throw an exception if the UID key does not exist in an LDAP entry
      make sure that null can be the invalid value
      [VarDumper] Improve dump of AMQP* Object
      Fix annotations cache folder path
      [FrameworkBundle] Wire ArrayCache for annotation reader at bootstrap
      Ignore missing 'debug.file_link_formatter' service in Debug bundle
      [VarDumper] Fixed dumping of terminated generator
      bumped Symfony version to 3.2.4
      updated VERSION for 3.2.3
      updated CHANGELOG for 3.2.3
      bumped Symfony version to 2.8.18
      updated VERSION for 2.8.17
      updated CHANGELOG for 2.8.17
    nicolas-grekas committed Feb 14, 2017