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* Usage sample of the ID card scnner from PixLab.
* PixLab PHP Client which is just a single class PHP file without any dependency that you can get from Github
require_once "pixlab.php";
# Given a government issued ID card from Malaysia, Singapore, etc., extract the user face and parse all fields.
# PixLab recommend that you connect your AWS S3 bucket via your dashboard at
# so that any cropped face or MRZ crop is stored automatically on your S3 bucket rather than the PixLab one.
# This feature should give you full control over your analyzed media files.
# for additional information.
$idcard_link = ''; /* ID card prototype: Of course, replace with a real government issued id. */
$key = 'PIXLAB_API_KEY'; # Your PixLab API key that you can fetch from
/* Process */
$pix = new Pixlab($key);
if( !$pix->get('docscan',[
'img' => $idcard_link, # Passport scanned image
'type' => 'idcard', # Type of document we are going to scan
'country' => 'my' # Malysia country code
]) ){
echo $pix->get_error_message()."\n";
/* Output the scan result */
echo "User Cropped Face: " . $pix->json->face_url . "\n";
#echo "Raw Text: " . $pix->json->full_text . "\n";
echo "Fields:\n";
# At this stage, the face should be extracted and the array populated with the appropriate information.
if( isset($pix->json->country) ) echo "Country: ".$pix->json->fields->country . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->id) ) echo "ID: ".$pix->json->fields->id . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->name) ) echo "Name: ".$pix->json->fields->name . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->address) ) echo "Address: ".$pix->json->fields->address . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->religion) ) echo "Religion: ".$pix->json->fields->religion . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->sex) ) echo "Sex: ".$pix->json->fields->sex . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->race) ) echo "Race: ".$pix->json->fields->race . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->birth) ) echo "Date of birth: ".$pix->json->fields->birth . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->birth_country) ) echo "Country of birth: ".$pix->json->fields->birth_country . "\n";
if( isset($pix->json->fields->nationality) ) echo "Nationality: ".$pix->json->nationality . "\n";
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