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import requests
import json
# Given a government issued passport document, extract the user face and parse all MRZ fields.
# PixLab recommend that you connect your AWS S3 bucket via your dashboard at
# so that any cropped face or MRZ crop is stored automatically on your S3 bucket rather than the PixLab one.
# This feature should give you full control over your analyzed media files.
# for additional information.
req = requests.get('',params={
'img':'', # Passport sample
'type':'passport', # Type of document we are a going to scan
reply = req.json()
if reply['status'] != 200:
print (reply['error'])
print ("User Cropped Face: " + reply['face_url'])
print ("MRZ Cropped Image: " + reply['mrz_img_url'])
print ("Raw MRZ Text: " + reply['mrz_raw_text'])
print ("MRZ Fields: ")
# Display all parsed MRZ fields
print ("\tIssuing Country: " + reply['fields']['issuingCountry'])
print ("\tFull Name: " + reply['fields']['fullName'])
print ("\tDocument Number: " + reply['fields']['documentNumber'])
print ("\tCheck Digit: " + reply['fields']['checkDigit'])
print ("\tNationality: " + reply['fields']['nationality'])
print ("\tDate Of Birth: " + reply['fields']['dateOfBirth'])
print ("\tSex: " + reply['fields']['sex'])
print ("\tDate Of Expiry: " + reply['fields']['dateOfExpiry'])
print ("\tPersonal Number: " + reply['fields']['personalNumber']) # Optional field and may not be returned when not set by the issuing country.
print ("\tFinal Check Digit: " + reply['fields']['finalcheckDigit'])