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Commits on Apr 16, 2019
  1. Embedded real-time face detection via Realnets

    symisc committed Apr 16, 2019
    Real-time frontal face detection via SOD Realnets (~ 5 ms on HD video).
    This is the built-in realnet embedded face detection model. There is no need to bring an independent model in order to detect faces at real-time.
    All you need, is to register the model hex array defined in "sod_face_realnet.h" via  `sod_realnet_load_model_from_mem()` and use the same C/C++ as for detecting faces via Realnets.
    This feature is available in the commercial version of the library.  You can obtain your commercial license from
    Advantages includes:
     *	Multi-core CPU support for all platforms - Up to 3 ~ 10 times faster processing speed.
     *	Built-in (C Code), high performance RealNets frontal face detector.
     *	75 days of integration & technical assistance.
     *	Royalty-free commercial licenses without any GPL restrictions.
     *	Application source code stays private.
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