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- Using dbh_maker in a hash to connect() will not result
in connect() passing through your arguments after merging
into a single hash.
- Using a code ref for the first argument will now result
in connect() passing through your arguments as-is.
- README.pod symlink replaces pod2markdown use (YAY!)
- namespace::clean used to prevent methods from leaking
- Merge functionality replaced with Hash::Merge
- Additional attributes passed to connect() will now overwrite
the loaded configuration file.
- Removed Test::MockObject as a dependency
- Improved caching layer to prevent stale cache
- Changed tests to use the correct password attribute
- Updated Documentation
- Introduce a public config() getter to allow access to the loaded
Config::Any object.
- Fix perl 5.17 hash randomisation breakage (RT#83309)
- Added class accessor config_files to use Config::Any's
load_files method and reduce stat() calls for those who
like that kind of thing.
- Moved the Config::Any parser to its own private function.
- DBIX_CONFIG_DIR environment allows run-time injection of
a directory that contains a dbic.* file.
- Use File::HomeDir instead of env, thanks @ Christian Walde
- CHANGELOG -> Changes
- BSD License -> Perl License
- README.pod ->
- Contributor Addition (Christian Walde)
- Once more with feeling.
- Re-release due to broken MANIFEST.skip and outdated README.pod
- Config::Any added as a requirement
- Tests now use the included .perl format (No more YAML::XS requirement)
- Tests changed to support DBIx::Class 0.80123
- Document Changes
- Linked to tutorial
- Added CONTRIBUTOR section
- Thanks mst and ribasushi for the constant reviews!
- Pushed to CPAN as a stable release
- connect() now handles passing through valid-looking DBI connect structures.
- _make_config now checks for $user and $pass to be hashrefs, this adds support
for structures like ->connect( 'CONFIG', { hostname => '' } );
- Added tests to 01_*.t to ensure the new signatures work correctly.
- Updated tests in 06_*.t to use ->connect ('CONFIG', { dbname => ":memory:" )
to be more clear, as opposed to riding ->{user}
- Updated documentation to reflect the changes to the code, namely the hashref
as the second argument, and the statements referring to load_credentials having
responsibility to return normal DBI connect structures.
- Config::Any is only loaded when it's needed.
- Makefile.PL depends on DBD::SQLite not DBD::SQLite3
- _make_config has a less annoying return
- connection() no longer tries to block ->load_credentials,
it is load_credential's responsablity to to check for credentials
it should allow to fall through.
- Added accessor on_credential_load, it provides access to the config
structure that load_credentials creates, and expects it as the return.
It can be used to make changes to the credentials, such as decrypting
passwords from the config file.
- A new Schema base was created for testing on_credential_load
- New tests added for on_credential_load
- Replace SUPER:: with next::method
- Don't call load_credentials unless we're actually going to load some
- Move Config::Any into load_credentials to be lazy
- Allow handling of a normal hashref, no ->{options} (Should make handling cleaner)
- Add Testing schema for integration tests
- Inital Version