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ChangeLog: Recorded stalker_guest_nick_regex and the forking

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Isaac G authored
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+2011-09-12 .71
+ * Fixed the default stalker_guest_nick_regex setting; should be a pattern
+ and not include the /'s. Patch by VinzNL.
+2011-09-11 .70
+ * Changed add_record to do asynchronous DB access. This adds a pidwait trap,
+ and functions record_added, async_add and db_add_record (which does what
+ add_record used to do). This prevents the script from locking up irssi when
+ there are a lot of records to add, eg when joining a large channel or when
+ connecting to a network. The forking code was stolen from Timo 'cras'
+ Sirainen ( Been working for me for 6
+ months so I hope it's solid code.
2011-09-10 .60
* Added add_timestamp_column. This adds a "added" timestamp column to the
database which records when a record was added.
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