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SymPullCDN is a reverse caching proxy for use with Google Application Engine

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    SymPullCDN is a Google Application Engine program written 
    in Python with the intent to allow Google Application 
    Engine to function as a reverse caching proxy.  

    Its primary purpose is to allow the offloading of static 
    files to be served through Google Application Engine to 
    save bandwidth and processing time on my own servers.

    SymPullCDN makes an effort to be HTTP compliant, however 
    some aspects of RFC 2616 have been ignored in the 
    development of it for one reason or another.  If strict 
    compliance to the HTTP Specification is required, you may 
    want to take a look at Squid.  On the other hand, this is 
    "Good Enough" for most situations.

Known Bugs:
    Some date formats provided by an origin HTTP server
    may not be handled correctly.  If you experience
    this please see "Reporting Bugs".

Reporting Bugs:
    Please send stack traces, debug output, and steps
    to reproduce the bug to me at
    Please include the origin domain and URI.

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