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Wayland support for Linux client and server #4090

nbolton opened this Issue Oct 13, 2014 · 135 comments


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nbolton commented Oct 13, 2014

Problem: We do not support Wayland on Linux. Wayland is intended as a simpler replacement for X, easier to develop and maintain.

Solution: Add Wayland support for both the client and server.

From Wikipedia:

In general, out of the box support for a full desktop running Wayland in major Linux distributions is still in early stages. Most Linux distributions that ship version 3.20 or newer of the Gnome desktop environment do support manually installing a Wayland session, and in case of Gnome 3.22 or newer might default to Wayland. Notable early adopters that provide Wayland out of the box are:

Fedora starting with version 25 uses Wayland for the default GNOME 3.22 desktop session, with X.Org as a fallback if the graphics driver cannot support Wayland.[65] Fedora 25 carries patches that make the Wayland session work with NVidia drivers as well.[66]



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circuit-breaker commented Oct 18, 2014

Agreed, Wayland is coming fast. Nvidia has been busy parting out the bulk of their drivers.. And the design means a lot more walls between applications and not touching each other's resources unchecked. It is the future

@nbolton nbolton added obsolete bug and removed obsolete labels Dec 17, 2014


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Pajinek commented Feb 16, 2015

When do you plan to support wayland? Is it question of far future? I tried it and synergy doesn't work correct.


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lig commented Apr 1, 2015

I'm switched to Gnome 3.16 and will use Wayland from now on as it work pretty stable for me unlike Gnome on Xorg. Thus I will not be able to use Synergy until this will be resolved.


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neilmayhew commented May 19, 2015

I'd like to vote for this too.


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neilmayhew commented May 19, 2015

I did some quick experimentation with using synergy through xwayland (which happens automatically) and it starts to go wrong when trying to grab the pointer on leaving the screen. I commented out the lines in XWindowsScreen.cpp and was able to get a bit further, actually controlling the mouse on the other screen, but the movement wasn't positioned correctly.

I'm using a Debian Jessie system, and Wayland has been a login option for some time. I don't even need to use weston, because gnome-shell (and almost all other gtk3 apps) can use wayland directly. So Debian would make a good testbed.


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Kami-no commented Oct 22, 2015

+1 vote to support Wayland.


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gregsheremeta commented Nov 17, 2015

+1 gonna need this soon!


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skoslowski commented Nov 30, 2015


2 similar comments

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dotted commented Dec 14, 2015



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hertzg commented Feb 1, 2016



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acd-rht commented Feb 5, 2016

I don't care about the "pro" features, but will commit to buying "pro" anway if Synergy works in Wayland when Fedora 24 comes out. Anyone else?


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lig commented Feb 8, 2016

@acd-rht I already have "pro":) And I feel lack of wayland support and lack of the several other features…


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Djhg2000 commented Apr 19, 2016

I'm using Synergy as a system critical component on my gaming rig. Windows 7 runs in a VM and has no physical mouse or keyboard. Up until now I've used Xorg on the host system but now that I'm running Wayland the only way to control my Windows 7 VM is through a virtual desktop connection (local access is not possible due to the forwarded graphics card).

When I run "synergys -f" and try to cross the screen border I just get "WARNING: can't leave screen".

Since it turns out Wayland runs much smoother than Xorg on my machine and enables a lot of new functionality I'm very reluctant to switch back to Xorg. With Fedora 24 set to release in 48 days I think it's time we consider this an urgent issue.


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thegass commented Apr 22, 2016

wayland is pretty stable on my machines (fedora 23,24) but i cannot use it because of synergy.


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bcdonadio commented May 15, 2016

Wayland is working flawlessly on my machines with Fedora 24, and the only application that's holding me back from switching to it is Synergy. The mouse actually seems to work, however there's no cursor showing. The keyboard, however, doesn't work.


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rboati commented Jul 5, 2016



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preactive commented Aug 1, 2016


Same as bcdonadio.

Switched back from wayland to standard gnome and worked like normal.


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tbporter commented Aug 21, 2016

To add to this, Fedora 25 is going to use Wayland by default.


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trejjam commented Oct 13, 2016

Today my Gnome by default switch to Wayland (ArchLinux), and also Synergy not work correctly


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sn0w commented Oct 21, 2016

Switched from Ubuntu (Unity 7) to Arch (Gnome 3) and got the same problems.
Synergy just crashes when i try to leave the screen.


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cekstam commented Oct 28, 2016



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pierrre commented Oct 28, 2016

@cekstam please don't post a useless "+1"
You notify EVERYONE on this issue by email !
Just add a "thumbs up" emoji on the first message.

@nlyan @nbolton I suggest you lock the conversation because:

  • Synergy doesn't support Wayland yet
  • More and more distributions are migrating to Wayland
  • I don't think we will receive any interesting feedback until Synergy supports Wayland.
  • All the previous comments are useless "+1"
  • I'm bored to receive useless notifications

Thank you.


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gilbertw1 commented Oct 23, 2017

My guess is that they, like many watching Wayland, assumed that this type of functionality would be worked out and supported in some form by the time Wayland made it to prime time. Unfortunately, it's here now and a whole slew of apps just flat out aren't possible to migrate or replicate in Wayland. Also unfortunately, it looks like that won't be changing for a while.


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Kirk-H commented Oct 23, 2017

Anyone else feel like there is more to the delay here than code? I am getting that 'pay wall jackass' feeling and would not be shocked if Synergy 2.0 came with a new license and a pay wall for user. It's supposed to be open source and a member of that community, hopefully they don't try to make wayland a profit event for themselves, if they do I suspect a fork to appear in the code and the current devs to have a self inflicted problem....


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Heimo001 commented Oct 24, 2017


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klm46 commented Oct 24, 2017


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michaelwheatland commented Oct 27, 2017

I just purchased Synergy which advertises compatability with Ubuntu.
Very disappointed that this program doesn't work with the default Ubuntu Desktop Manager. Is support for Weyland coming soon?


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cuviper commented Oct 27, 2017

@symless Please do send an email announcement when you have something to share. Tracking the issue here has long become useless, so I'm unsubscribing. Thanks!


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Lerentis commented Oct 27, 2017

they commented on twitter, but i am not sure how valid this statement is, as they promised this already a year ago. insert duke nukem joke here


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ppaalanen commented Nov 10, 2017

As far as I understand what Synergy does (sorry, never used it myself), there are two very different sides to the Wayland story.

I can certainly confirm that there is no standard Wayland interface at this time for injecting input events into a Wayland display server. We have not seen such proposals in Wayland upstream either. The major problem is how to authenticate and authorize a Wayland client that wants to do this. Right now I can imagine two ways to inject input into a Wayland display server: use root privileges and /dev/uinput, or some server specific method (I assume e.g. GNOME has some for remote control).

OTOH, reading input events from a Wayland display server might not be a big deal depending on how you want to do it, it is already necessary for virtual machine frontends etc. and that has seen some development in upstream Wayland. But if you want to do it without a normal application window, you cannot for now in a generic way.

If Synergy runs through Xwayland instead of being a Wayland application, I would assume it is able to inject input events to the Xwayland X server, but those events will not be forwarded to the Wayland display server. I guess this has two consequences:

  • Wayland applications cannot receive the injected input
  • the injected input cannot affect the input devices, e.g. they cannot move (or create) the real pointer cursor

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skela commented Nov 17, 2017

With the release of 2.0, is Wayland support there now? I don't want to pay for it until I know :)


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wirecat commented Nov 17, 2017

@skela I think there are some kinks(#6196), but it is mostly functional. Version 1.8.8 works reasonably well on Wayland as well.

e: I should clarify and state that I am running Arch Linux which may have a lot to do with this operating at all or any bugs I'm experiencing.


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skela commented Nov 18, 2017

@wirecat thx, last time i tried synergy on wayland, it did not work at all, and I'm also using Arch (Well antergos). Arch Linux / Antergos as my server, and MacOS High Sierra as the client.


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RadiogenicHeat commented Nov 18, 2017

@skela Just installed the newest version (1.8.8-stable-258cb2) on Fedora 27 with Gnome 3. The mouse would not show, but I could type and copy/paste. I had to disable Wayland for it to work properly.


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skela commented Nov 20, 2017

Right, thx @RadiogenicHeat , I guess I will wait :D


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fenrig commented Dec 12, 2017

Still not working? Using ARCH with all packages recent


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btaens commented Dec 23, 2017

Nope, still not working. At the end of 2017.


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fenrig commented Dec 25, 2017

Too bad I wasted money on this then...


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oxayotl commented Dec 27, 2017

Is there a way I could stop getting promo email asking me to pay for 2.0 until it does work on Wayland?
I'm not interested in paying for software that won't be usable by me, even at a discount, so...


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sgala commented Jan 8, 2018

I'm seeing this also, I need to start ubuntu 17.10 with "wayland over xorg" to have synergy sort of working (no dock, some other problems).

Synergy 2 is not an option, it does all sort or annoying things such as requiring internet to work and connecting to a foreign server, and, most importantly, is not able to share clipboard, for me the most important featuer of synergy...

They told me there would be no further updates to synergy 1. Synergy 2 is mostly unusable on linux, and my "lifetime" Synergy 1 Pro License seems to be worth less than the space it still takes in my gmail box...


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daveboutcher commented Jan 14, 2018

I wonder if we could get a definitive update on Wayland Synergy 1 or 2. Not having Wayland support in 2018 is kind of a deal-breaker for using Synergy with Linux. I know there is a workaround (turn off Wayland), but that's not really a viable alternative for me.


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tonylambiris commented Jan 17, 2018

I'm in the same boat as @daveboutcher -- if three years isn't enough time to support Wayland I have to assume it's time to start looking at alternatives. It's unfortunate, I really liked using Synergy all these years, and even though I purchased 2.0 with the hopes this would at least be somewhat functional, I don't really have any other option than to start researching alternatives.


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phoenixdigital commented Jan 17, 2018


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chrisbliss18 commented Jan 17, 2018

My solution was to just give up entirely and go back to relying on my KVM switch after many happy years of using Synergy. I paid for and tried Synergy 2.0, but it added nearly a full second of latency between input and response on clients and still didn't support Wayland (plus they now want to charge extra for clipboard support and they never gave us 1.0 customers their promised "something special" when they suddenly switched the focus to 2.0). I went back to the old version, got frustrated that I couldn't make use of Wayland, and came to the hard conclusion that it's time to say goodbye to Synergy. I think I would be less frustrated if I didn't see them marketed heavily all over Youtube tech videos while they have been completely silent in responding to issues that have existed for years.


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polarathene commented Jan 19, 2018

Are Synergy 1.0 customers not getting 2.0 free upgrade anymore? Been getting e-mails to upgrade still for a discount(with no Wayland support).

  • I assume Wayland support is waiting on protocol or something to let Synergy do it's thing otherwise require each compositor have it's own implementation?
  • Not sure about what the issues with Wayland are, Synergy still not being transparent about barriers they've run into?
  • IIRC, Synergy 2.0 dev for Wayland is not open source for community contributions?
  • I haven't checked the repo, is Synergy 2.0 itself still open-source or is the donation no longer optional and everyone has to pay?
  • Synergy 2.0 still require connecting to a remote server/internet to do it's thing or offline environments are supported now?

For those looking for alternatives with guest VMs(assuming they run Wayland, I'm more interested in Wayland as a host) or running Wayland as a host, you might be able to use QEMU/KVM(not a switch, but hypervisor KVM), and something like evdev with a key combination to redirect input between host and guest. It's a common way to handle input for linux host, windows guests on r/VFIO these days.

If you need it for going across several actual machines, I guess with Wayland you're out of luck? I guess Wayland users/customers are more of a minority though to Synergy and their current changes to monetize the product is working out better for them. Wayland support is likely to come eventually, but until development elsewhere has gotten to a point that it's worthwhile for Synergy devs to actually implement support for we're likely not going to see it as other features will be prioritized to cater to the wider user base needs.

It's odd though that there was some tweets/communications about the Wayland support getting in good shape some time ago and no updates since as to why progress halted?

My quote earlier in this thread from Oct 2017 hopefully still holds true, not March 2018 yet guys so we might still see free upgrade with Wayland :)

And for pricing, we're still working on the details. We'll be offering Synergy 2 to Synergy 1 users for no charge sometime into the new year, probably around March 2018. The discounted price now is for early access, whether you want to try beta or simply want the full version in November.

Looked briefly at the repo, noticed a Wayland branch here no updates since March 2017. Earlier comments in this thread suggest keyboard input is working in Wayland on 1.8.8 and mouse uncertain but the mouse cursor visual just doesn't display?


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ppaalanen commented Jan 19, 2018

I still don't know what exactly is Synergy's use case, but I hope the below clarifies the obstacles in general a little. I hope I didn't guess wrong what the intended use is.

There are two completely different aspects to "Wayland support":

  1. Running the UI application on a Wayland session, controlling whatever remote system.
  2. Controlling a remote system that is running a Wayland session.

The latter can further be divided into roughly two cases:
2.1. The "remote" system being a VM where you are actually controlling the virtual machine as if it had real physical input and output devices, these being actually virtual remote devices.
2.2. The remote system being a normal user session where the remote control connection just introduces new input and hijacks the output, e.g. a helpdesk connecting to a user's machine.

Cases 1 and 2.1 are perfectly implementable as is, the Wayland features already exists at least as unstable standard interfaces. 2.1. does not actually concern Wayland at all.

Case 2.2 is the one that requires explicit support from each and every Wayland display server being remote controlled. There are no standard interfaces even proposed for this case yet. Each Wayland display server is going its own way here, e.g. offering an integrated RDP or other server, or not having implemented anything yet. In other words, as far as I have seen, the support in the display servers seems to be not introducing Wayland interfaces for it but implementing a suitable server directly.

I think it would be nice if the company behind Synergy would support these remote controlling features in the various display server projects or publicly propose whatever they think would be better. One thing is almost sure: one cannot anymore write a (proprietary) application to hijack a display server, like it was possible with X11. There is no central software component like Xorg to depend on for it.

As I said before, it is probably possible to run case 2.2 through Xwayland on the remote system, but it will not be able to control any Wayland-based applications on the remote and you likely have problems with a mouse cursor.


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CapOM commented Jan 19, 2018

I think a large set of users are interested in Case 1: Work station is running wayland and the remote is a mac or win laptop. This case does not even work despite being the easiest setup to support.


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cadesalaberry commented Jan 19, 2018

Given that this feature is the most requested by far it would be great to have an actual answer from the synergy-core dev team.

@nlyan @XinyuHou @speaker @axelson @nbolton @SyedAmerGilani


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nbolton commented Jan 24, 2018

Coming soon in 2.1.

@symless symless locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jan 24, 2018

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