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Pull Requests

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To contribute to Synergy, please create a pull request.

  1. Fork our Github repository
  2. Make your changes on your fork
  3. Create a pull request
Pro tip: Check our Hacking Guide (especially the Code Style) to make sure you don't write bad code.

Synergy Team

For each pull request...

1: Review the PR's code diff for any security exploits attempted on the build machine.

2: Create a branch using the following procedure (note: the pr- prefix and username are important, please keep the branch list neat and consistent).

git checkout -b pr-octocat-foobar-fix master
git pull NameOfPullRequest
git push --set-upstream origin pr-octocat-foobar-fix

3: Assign the pr-testing label, and post a comment on the PR, for example...

Thanks for the pull request! Buildbot is now [building]( your pull request (it usually takes about 30 minutes). When done, the packages will be automatically uploaded ( Please test and let me know if it worked.

5: Later, when you get round to it...

  1. Attempt to reproduce the bug before trying the packages
  2. If you can't repro, post a comment on the PR
  3. If you can repro, test the built packages (and comment on the PR)
  4. Review the patch and check the code style
  5. If it's good, merge the PR branch into master
  6. Hope that the fix didn't break something else
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