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Example PHP Command-line Application based on Symlex Core


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Example CLI app based on Symlex Core

License: MIT Build Status Documentation Community Chat

This application is compatible with PHP 7.1+ with the curl extension enabled.

Clone this repository to a local directory and run composer:

git clone
cd stream-sampler
composer update

Alternatively you can run composer to create a new project from the latest stable release and fetch external dependencies:

composer create-project symlex/stream-sampler my-stream-sampler

Composer will ask for config values to generate app/config/parameters.yml for you.

YAML files located in app/config configure the app based on parameters and services. The main config file is app/config/console.yml.

What does a stream sampler do?

It randomly returns a representative sample of k items from a stream of values with unknown and possibly very large length. The implementation relies on Algorithm R, which has a complexity of O(N). See


app/console sample [options]

  -i, --input[=INPUT]   Input source (stdin,, internal) [default: "stdin"]
  -s, --size[=SIZE]     Sample size (1 - 2000) [default: 5]
  -V, --version         Display the application version
      --ansi            Force ANSI output
      --no-ansi         Disable ANSI output

Note: If you're using or the internal random character source, input data size will be 10 times the sample size. The maximum sample size is 2000.


# app/console sample -i internal -s 10

# app/console sample -i -s 8

# app/console sample < LICENSE

# echo 'Pe7emsXm0EHfwAVx' | app/console sample


Stream Sampler comes with a pre-configured PHPUnit environment that automatically executes tests found in src/:

PHPUnit 7.5.1 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

.......                                         7 / 7 (100%)

Time: 431 ms, Memory: 8.00MB

OK (7 tests, 16892 assertions)

See also: (self-initializing database fixtures and dependency injection for unit tests)

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