Performs verson controlled backups of your Bookmarks from Pinboard
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What it does

Gives you version controlled backups of your Pinboard bookmarks

What you will need

Git, Perl, LWP and SSLeay (apt-get install libcrypt-ssleay-perl)

How to get started

Set your $username and $password in Run ./ and a new git repo will be created in ~/.pinboard. The exports will be saved here.

Once you have verified everything is working, you may wish to set up a weekly cron:

    crontab -e
    @weekly /path/to/ 

Changes to your bookmarks get saved as a new commit, so you can have a nice running history of saved links.



  • Changes to the basic auth login on pinboard required a rewrite. We now use Perl LWP.
  • Script name is now
  • .netrc credentils are no longer used
  • Currently does a html export and is saved as bookmarks.html. Support for other formats might come later.