Overview for projects supported by Symmetry Investments
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Overview for projects supported by Symmetry Investments

We're hiring and are glad to be sponsors of the Symmetry Autumn of Code.

xlsxd - Excel writer wrapper

UDT-D - Command-line tools for UDT (reliable UDP) and UDT D library

Lubeck - a native code C ABI high-level linear algebra library

Mir-Algorithm - general-purpose array and algorithm library

Mir-Optimiser - BetterC Nonlinear Optimization Framework

excel-d - write Excel add-ins in D

influx-d - D language wrapper for InfluxDB

nanomsg-wrapper - D language wrapper for nanomsg

zfs-on-root-installer - Install Ubuntu with ZFS on Root

dpp - Directly include C headers in D source code

mrss - D bindings to MRSS library

autowrap - Wrap existing D code for Python, Excel, and soon more

xlsxwriter-d - D bindings to XLSX writer C library