SYmbolic MOdeling of RObots software. This is an open-source version of SYMORO software written in Python.
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SYOMRO is a software package for SYmbolic MOdeling of RObots.

This software package is developed as part of the OpenSYMORO project by the robotics team at IRCCyN under the supervision of Wisama Khalil.

For details on the algorithms used, please see the paper published in the AIM 2014 conference.


  • python (>= 2.7,    3.* is not supported)
  • sympy (== 0.7.3)
  • numpy (>= 1.6.1)
  • wxPython (>= 2.8.12)
  • PyOpenGL (>= 3.0.1b2)

Getting Started

  • For setting up SYMORO, see Setup.
  • If you have any queries, contact Aravind.




See Contributors.