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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<extension id="enhancedtaglist" status="released" xmlns="">
<name>Enhanced Tag List field</name>
<description>Taglist with additional options</description>
<repo type="github"></repo>
<url type="discuss"></url>
<type>Field Types</type>
<name github="symphonists" symphony="community">Symphony Community</name>
<name github="cz" symphony="czheng">Craig Zheng</name>
<release version="1.4.2" date="2018-04-08" min="2.3">
- PHP7 compatibility
<release version="1.4.1" date="2017-06-03" min="2.3">
- Fix error when saving Section that has an Enhanced Taglist field due to null value for `pre_populate_min`
<release version="1.4" date="2012-06-07" min="2.3">
- Updated for Symphony 2.3 compatibility
<release version="1.3.1" date="2011-02-10" min="2.0.3" max="2.2.x" />