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Information about [installing and updating extensions]( can be found in the Symphony documentation at <>.
## Change Log
**Version 1.3.2**
- Compatibility update for Symphony 2.4: Add 'data-interactive' attribute to tag field in preferences
**Version 1.3.1**
- Add Russian language translation
**Version 1.3**
- Modified the regexp so the meta charset is replaced regardless of XSL output method (mlathrom)
- Enable configuration setting to exclude page types from being processed with HTML5 doctype (iwyg)
**Version 1.2.6**
- Compatibility update for Symphony 2.3: Add extension.meta.xml file
**Version 1.2.5**
- Increase number of lines that are parsed from 5 to 15 to accommodate conditional classes
- Add instructions for adding Paul Irish's conditional classes
- Add a credit for contributions by Stephen Bau to the extension driver's `about` array
**Version 1.2.4**
- Simplify regex to only remove XHTML xmlns attribute and xml:lang namespace. This will preserve any other attributes, including classes on the html element.
**Version 1.2.3**
- Improved extension description: "Replace XHTML syntax with basic HTML5 syntax." (Michael Eichelsdoerfer)
- Fixed problems with Symphony error pages coming up blank. Prohibit any parsing attempts for document types other than HTML. (Michael Eichelsdoerfer)
**Version 1.2.2**
- Limit processing of regex to the first 5 lines of the result document. (Stephen Bau)
**Version 1.2.1**
- Fix regex for meta charset: escape forward slashes to use case insensitive match (Stephen Bau)
**Version 1.2**
- Preserve the language and meta charset attributes from the original HTML document (Stephen Bau)
**Version 1.1**
- Modify Nick Dunn's HTML5 Doctype hack to include regex to fix the html and meta charset elements (Stephen Bau)
**Version 1.0**
- Inital Release (Nick Dunn)

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