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Subsection Manager 3

Subsection Manager

Symphony offers an easy way to create sections and model the fields the way you like. Nevertheless, from time to time you need to connect the content of two sections: you might have an articles section you'd like to link images to, or you are building a books section you'd like to connect with authors. With a default Symphony install, you can use select boxes or selectbox links to create these connections, but you will not be able to see and manage all your content at once. The Subsection Manager tries to solve this problem by providing an inline management of another section's content. By adding the Subsection Manager field to your parent section, you can integrate another section as a subsection. The subsection's entries can be managed through the inline interface as well as the regular Symphony section entry list. You can opt for inline editing only by simply hiding the specified section from the menu.

Subsection Tab

As of version 3.5, Subsection Tabs have been removed. If you need a tabbed interface, please have a look at Parenthesis Tabs or Publish Tabs.


Information about installing and updating extensions can be found in the Symphony documentation at


To update Subsection Manager to a newer version perform the following steps:

  • Make sure that you have a working backup of your Symphony install.
  • Update the Subsection Manager folder by either updating the submodule or by replacing the files manually.
  • Log into the backend and enable the Subsection Manager extension to run the update script.

Updating to version 2.0: Please note that this is major release and that you will have to reset item sorting and included elements manually.

Updating to version 3.0: This version drops update support for old Mediathek fields.

Updating to version 3.5: This version removes support for Subsection Tabs.


The drawer colors and layout were inspired by Scott Hughes' Calendar Mock-up and Rowan Lewis' Calendar Overlay.

A lot of people have been testing this extension and providing valuable feedback. A big thank you to all of you, in alphabetic order: Aaron Harnly, Adam Fox, Alistair Kearney, Allen Chang, Andrea Buran, Andrew Minton, Andrew Shooner, Bob Donderwinkel, Brendan Abbott, Brian Zerangue, Brien Wright, Christopher Clark, Craig Zheng, Dale Tan, David Hund, David Oliver, Doug Stewart, Fazal Khan, Frode Danielsen, Giulio Trico, Grzegorz Michlicki, Huib Keemink, Ida Engmark, Ingmars Lazdins, Jiri Vanmeerbeeck, Johanna Hörrmann, John Porter, Jonas Coch, Liam Egan, Mario Butera, Mark a.k.a. Ecko, Mark a.k.a. m165, Mark Lewis, Max Wheeler, Michael Eichelsdörfer, Nick Dunn, Nils Werner, Sandor Kerst, Simone Economo, Stephen Bau, Tony Arnold, Vlad Ghita and all of you who love and use Symphony and try to make it better every day.