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Sorting change #2

merged 1 commit into from about 2 years ago

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Nick Dunn Rowan Lewis
Nick Dunn

Really small update. Sorting on yes/no didn't make too much sense in this context, so I changed the field to sort on the order column instead. This allows you to get a list of entries back where the box is ticked (e.g. a "Feature on the homepage" checkbox) but also sorted by the order in which they were featured. No need to cobble together a checkbox and order entries to achieve the same spunktionality.

Rowan Lewis rowan-lewis merged commit 47138c9 into from
Rowan Lewis rowan-lewis closed this
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Jan 11, 2012
Nick Dunn Allow field to be sorted by recency of pilfering 8d3f168
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  1. 2  fields/field.uniquecheckbox.php
2  fields/field.uniquecheckbox.php
@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ public function buildSortingSQL(&$joins, &$where, &$sort, $order = 'ASC') {
179 179
 					`tbl_entries_data_{$field_id}` AS ed
180 180
 					ON ( = ed.entry_id)
181 181
-			$sort = 'ORDER BY ' . (strtolower($order) == 'random' ? 'RAND()' : "ed.value {$order}");
+			$sort = 'ORDER BY ' . (strtolower($order) == 'random' ? 'RAND()' : "ed.order {$order}");
183 183
184 184
185 185
 		public function buildDSRetrivalSQL($data, &$joins, &$where, $andOperation = false) {

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